September 2024,

In the heart of Sardinia, nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean, something extraordinary is brewing. The air is electric, pulsating with anticipation as music enthusiasts from around the globe converge for a weeklong celebration of bass, beats, and boundless energy. Welcome to SUNANDBASS XX, where two decades of musical mastery and communal spirit collide in a holiday for sound and soul. What a year it will be—with our XX-year edition, we are on the cusp of celebrating not just a milestone in our history but also the communal spirit that has grown and thrived within SUNANDBASS. We reflect on our two decades, developing locations and stages, and the evolution of our rich musical legacy as SUNANDBASS continues to be a beacon for bass music enthusiasts worldwide.

Gratitude to Our Community

As we approach this incredible milestone, we want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for what we were able to create and experience. Thank you for being with us on this journey and continuous adventure. Your unwavering support and dedication have helped shape SUNANDBASSinto the iconic festival it is today.

What began as a humble gathering of bass music enthusiasts has blossomed into a global phenomenon, firmly cementing SUNANDBASSas a pivotal event on the international music calendar. For twenty years, this iconic festival has been a beacon for bass music lovers, drawing them to the enchanting shores of Sardinia for an experience like no other. What began as a vision to create a unique space where music, community and the stunning natural beauty of our location converge has blossomed into an annual pilgrimage for many.

Each year, we have strived to curate an unforgettable experience – from the world-class lineup of artists to the carefully adapted venues that complement the natural rhythms to become drumandbass paradise once more. It’s been a journey marked by unforgettable performances, spontaneous moments of joy, and the forging of lifelong friendships. Your devotion and the electric atmosphere you create have been the heart of SUNANDBASS, making each edition a vivid chapter in a story that we all continue to write together.

And what a rare privilege! Sometimes, we can’t believe it, even in hindsight. We never imagined the journey would be this long, but your love forSUNANDBASShas kept us going year after year.

Yet, here we are, two decades later, with a collective trove of experiences that vividly depict how far we’ve come. It’s a reflection that brings into sharp focus the transient nature of time and the permanence of change. This introspection is about reminiscing and understanding the layers of growth and adaptation that have quietly woven into the fabric of our lives and society. It’s a moment to acknowledge that, amidst the ebb and flow of life, the constants that have anchored us are the relationships we’ve cherished and the music that has been our companion through every phase.

Journey to Drum’n’bass Paradise

As we reminisce about the early days of SUNANDBASS, memories of adventures and misadventures, shared accommodations, and impromptu raves flood back. The journey to drumandbass paradise has been filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the unshakeable bond of a passionate community united by their love for bass music. 

In the first year, organizing apartments for our customers was like conducting an orchestra without a score. We translated contracts with patience, ensuring everyone had a roof over their. Imagine this of strangers bundled together in apartments, forming unlikely friendships amidst shared accommodations. The real kicker? We shuttled everyone in big, bustling buses from Alghero Fertilia Airport because, back in 2004, Olbia airport was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

But wait, the plot thickens. Our decks were stolen on the second day—yes, they vanished into thin air! With two turntables left, we staged an entire festival, adding raves at Hotel Al Faro, where most of our DJs and even some guests slept, proving that necessity is the mother of invention. Those were the days of pure improvisation and unbridled creativity. It was rough and wild, but oh, was it magnificent!

A testament to our event’s unexpected impact, we quite literally emptied the local supermarkets of beer and water. It was an unforeseen consequence of our success, highlighting our intimate gathering’s growing footprint on San Teodoro’s otherwise quiet off-season life.

Over the years, SUNANDBASS has transformed the sleepy town of San Teodoro into a vibrant hub of music and culture, breathing new life into its streets and beaches. Flight connections improved, making the island more accessible to an international audience. Similarly, the availability of accommodations saw a significant upturn. Local agencies, initially hesitant and unfamiliar with the potential of our event, soon realized the untapped opportunity. They began to see the advantage of catering to our attendees when the town was typically winding down from the tourist season.

Indeed, by early September, the once deserted beaches, providing a stark contrast to the bustling summer months, slowly started to come alive again with the sound of music and laughter from our event, fostering a unique blend of cultures and creating a vibrant, inclusive community and their own brand of fun. Your participation has not only made our festival a success but has also revitalized our community, and for that, we are truly grateful

Innovation and Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Despite facing numerous challenges, from logistical hurdles to security concerns, SUNANDBASS has remained resilient, adaptive, and unwavering in its commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. Introducing new venues, stages, and technologies to ensure that SUNANDBASS continues to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing world.

As our festival continued to flourish, the clubs in San Teodoro adapted more adeptly to our growing needs, akin to a tailor-fitting custom suit. We weren’t just another event in their calendar; we were a phenomenon, although still a mystery to the locals, but even the city hall started to take notice and invite us to meetings.

But what’s a drum and bass festival without a bit of the unexpected, the kind of wild spice that makes for legendary tales? Cue our next masterstroke – the introduction of the “Secret Location”. Imagine a hidden gem nestled amidst the rustic charm of the Sardinian countryside, an expanse typically bustling with ants and cattle belonging to a local family. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill venue. Picture this: a private ground transformed into a clandestine paradise with nothing but a generator, a robust sound system, and buckets of ice chilling beer and water. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we added a Sardinian BBQ into the mix, all for the love of making this experience truly unforgettable. It was a celebration not just of music but of life itself, a secret gathering into the wild where the beats of drum and bass fused with the primal elements of nature. 

Despite the enchanting allure and success of the Secret Location events, we soon reached a crossroads due to security concerns. The once clandestine paradise became too well-known, compromising its hallmarks’ safety and exclusivity. With heavy hearts, we decided to cease these gatherings. Our focus shifted towards negotiating with local businesses and authorities to improve the infrastructure, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

In this spirit of innovation, creativity and resilience, we introduced a handcrafted beach stage at La Cinta, arguably the most beautiful beach in the world. This new venue allowed us to celebrate our community and present our sound in bright sunshine and crystal-clear water and sound. A fabulous outdoor floor that seemed to shimmer with ocean reflections, encapsulating the essence of SUNANDBASS. The majestic backdrop of La Cinta, with its crystalline waters and soft, golden sands, added a magical dimension to our festival. Here, amidst the natural beauty of Sardinia, our community danced and revelled, looking at epic Tavolara island refreshed by fantastic cocktails, draft beer and sunglasses, forging unforgettable memories and embodying the true spirit of our gathering. 

This evolution marked an iconic milestone in our festival’s history and showed another stage of enrichment of the cultural and social landscape of San Teodoro.

From Vinyl to Virtual

The evolution of drum and bass production from vinyl records to the digital age has been revolutionary, transforming how music is made, shared, and experienced. SUNANDBASS has been at the forefront of this evolution, embracing new technologies and platforms to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver cutting-edge performances that captivate audiences and push the genre forward. In the past, drumandbass experiences were mainly shared in clubs, at raves and through forums. However, the music industry has undergone significant changes with the rise of smartphones and platforms such as Napster and MySpace. The evolution of digital music, advanced sound machines, and mixers, as well as the introduction of Serato, has revolutionized how music is produced and performed. DJs used to carry crates of vinyl records to each gig, but the digital era has significantly lightened their load. This shift isn’t just about convenience; it represents a fundamental change in how music is created and experienced. As a result, the DJ, previously the conduit for producers’ music, has started sharing the spotlight with them. The democratization of music-making tools has given rise to a new generation of artists who can seamlessly combine the roles of DJ and producer, creating a more cohesive music experience for everyone. Producers and DJs, who were also sharing their music physically, were now distributing their promos digitally, and the whole communication and community adapted to that seismic shift, which further enabled and inspired them to infuse their tracks and sets with these elements, pushing the envelope of creativity. Also, Bandcamp and Recordbox, as well as social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, had their own imprint on how music was provided, received, exchanged and talked about. This, again, invigorated the genre, prompting artists to explore new territories and experiment with sounds in ways they hadn’t before. Drumandbass is an ever-vibrant innovation where the fusion of genres brought forth a rich tapestry of music that resonated on dance floors.

Sudden Silence

Then, as if on cue from a script no one wanted to read, the pandemic hit, and the music, the lifeblood of our festival, went silent. Overnight, the vibrant beats that pulsed through San Teodoro’s veins were replaced with an eerie quiet, a stark reminder of the fragility of our shared realities. Changing rules and regulations made it impossible to hold events, thrusting us into a vortex of uncertainty. It felt like we were standing at the edge of a record that had stopped spinning, waiting for someone to drop the needle again. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, we were forced to pause, reflect, and restart from the ground up. This pause, however unsettling, was a powerful reminder to appreciate the magical community we had cultivated over the years. Building a drum and bass paradise on the enchanting island of Sardinia had become second nature to us, a feat we perhaps had begun to take for granted. Faced with the daunting task of reinventing many aspects of our beloved festival, we rediscovered the resilience, creativity, and communal spirit that had been the bedrock of SUNANDBASS from its inception.

Redefining Success

Restarting SUNANDBASS after the challenges posed by the pandemic was no small feat; it was akin to remixing our greatest track. Every element, from securing venues to ensuring the health and safety of our attendees, had to be reimagined. Yet, with every challenge we faced, we grew stronger, more innovative, and more connected to the essence of what made our holiday truly special. The silent interlude brought about by the pandemic was, in many ways, a precious experience, reminding us of the beauty of the journey, the resilience required to grow through challenges, and the unyielding power of music to bring people together, even in the most trying of times.

In the span of twenty years, SUNANDBASS has faced many financial challenges. Despite these hurdles, which continue to pressure the independent event, our resolve to make SUNANDBASS an inclusive haven for drum and bass enthusiasts remains unshaken. We view our annual gathering not only as an event but as a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem that spreads its roots deep into the soil of San Teodoro. Each cent spent within this little town by the Mediterranean reflects our commitment to supporting the local economy, acknowledging that all actors, from artists to vendors, face a volatile financial outlook.

As we started feeling more comfortable with accepting these challenges, we realized that the wealth of SUNANDBASS is measured in a different currency, one that values community, culture, and connection over mere economic outcomes.

Celebrating Community and Connection:

At its core, SUNANDBASS is about more than just music—it’s about community, connection, and the shared experience of being part of something greater than oneself. Over the years, the festival has brought together music enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and cultures, fostering friendships, and forging lifelong bonds that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. SUNANDBASS is not just a festival; it’s a family—a global community united by a shared love for bass music and the magic of Sardinia. Together, we have turned SUNANDBASS into more than a drum and bass holiday; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of our community, a shared adventure that has grown and evolved, accepting and appreciating our collective journey.

Thanks to the patronage of San Teodoro, a new self-built stage was constructed on La Cinta beach, marking a significant milestone in our journey. And then, bam! You can hear us again, blissful dancing and shouting, while the basslines rumble over the ocean. Chatter and 2023 rolls around, and tickets vanish like ice cream in the heat. It was a sell-out show, with everyone buzzing for the beats, the sun, and that indescribable SUNANDBASS vibe.

The Ambra Night hills we’ll climb in the future

As we stand today, 20 years from our humble beginnings, SUNANDBASS has grown from a small gathering of like-minded souls to a beacon of drum and bass excellence, attracting talent and attendees from across the globe, beloved and awaited by the locals. Our holiday is a home where legendary MCs sing the praises of high-quality drum and bass by our DJs and producers and where our community—united by a love for the music and the magic of Sardinia—comes together as one.

These bonds and beats have made SUNANDBASS a community, the hills we climbed together and the sunrises filled with warm rays of camaraderie and pure joy of being complicit in this extraordinary experience. Here we are, gearing up for 2024 – can you believe it’s been XX years already? It’s not just about the parties, the DJs, or the stunning Sardinian backdrop. It’s about the moments, the memories, and this truthfully beautiful community we’ve built together.

Long may it continue – here’s to the next chapter in our SUNANDBASS story! Here’s to celebrating two decades of beats, bass, and collective memories that resonate far beyond the dance floor.