Who we are

SUNANDBASS is the original drum and bass holiday. It all started in 2003 with two of us working summer jobs in Sardinia. Loving the place so much we wanted to stay and find a way to combine it with our love for drum and bass. What began as a small beach party with friends grew year by year into the festival it is today, largely just by word of mouth.

We’re looking back at an amazing journey of annual meetings, records, parties and even tour dates overseas. For many SUNANDBASS is considered the highlight of the year and still, today, regulars and newcomers of the SUNANDBASS community travel from far and wide to see the best drum and bass has to offer. Being as much a holiday for the artists as for the festival-goers, the camaraderie between the crew, fans and artists brings to life an incredibly unique community spirit.

As a festival run by music lovers SUNANDBASS aims to bring a vibrant and diverse array of international talent to the line-up each year. You can expect to hear the scene’s biggest DJs line up alongside the genres freshest, groundbreaking talent. The introduction of the Curator nights in 2014 has also added a special touch, allowing the DJs to break out of the confines of playing for a label to bring their full repertoire of sound to both the clubbers and themselves. This is where the DJs come to listen to their peers, and a crowd of connoisseurs congregates.

What makes SUNANDBASS so unique is that it is much more than just a festival. The island of Sardinia provides all the ingredients of a relaxing holiday. The effects of the previous night’s cocktails can be left to fade away on the sandy beaches the next day and feel fit exploring the island’s mountains, it’s villages and rich culture. The special thing about staying in San Teodoro is its intimate atmosphere; it’s just as easy to do your own thing as it is to go out and meet new like-minded people around the town, easily spotted by their SUNANDBASS festival wristbands.

SUNANDBASS events are held in different locations around San Teodoro, like the exquisite Bal Harbour, with its vivid blue pool dotted by majestic palm trees, or the iconic Ambra Night, divided into two hi-energy dance floors, to the stunning white sands of La Cinta beach and its breathtaking views of Isola Tavolara… And of course the week wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a secret location.

If you would like to enjoy a week in stunning Sardinia with the highest grade music, food and friends, sunshine, scenery and culture, then come and join the SUNANDBASS community.