SUNANDBASS music holiday has been the perfect event for all drumandbass lovers since 2004. We provide eight nights and days of sun-soaked basslines, handcrafted stages and audio systems to make the DJs shine and the crowd dance until dawn. Experience the Mediterranean charm of San Teodoro in Sardinia, where the lively locals, breathtaking beaches, and delightful ambience merge to create a memorable setting. We also release drumandbass music on our label SUNANDBASS Recordings to bring good vibes to your homes.

Our twenty-year edition of SUNANDBASS will be from September 7 to 14, 2024! Prepare for an electrifying week of bass, beats, and pure energy!

Sardinia’s International Drumandbass Music Holidays

We set the stage for a week of paradisal holidays in San Teodoro for lovers of drumandbass music. Discover the finest DJs performing on handcrafted stages with sound systems built to make them shine in the most beautiful settings. Our vibrant scene will bring you an unforgettable experience: eight nights and days of pure passion, love and dedication to the ever-same and ever-different 6/8-groove. We create a temporary home for the crew, locals and artists, sharing our love for music and bonding over break beats.

Embedded in beautiful San Teodoro and its stunning beaches

Indulge yourself in the Sardinian ambience of the small town of San Teodoro. Experience some truly remarkable landscapes—a gem of nature from the beaches and crystal clear water to the mountains and waterfalls. Take a boat trip to explore the nature reserve of Tavolara Island, which dominates the beach views and is a marvelous nature reserve. With local markets, artisans selling their wares, and eateries serving delicious Mediterranean dishes, every corner of San Teodoro provides something soulful and exciting, generated by the warm hospitality of the locals!

SUNANDBASS Recordings brings the vibe to your homes

A Home Away from Home: With SUNANDBASS recordings, you can bring the good vibes from Sardinia home with you! Our record label offers a selection of carefully curated tunes within our catalogue to ensure an immersive experience even when you can’t be there in person. Whether you’re lounging at home or on the go, let the good vibes of SUNANDBASS fill your space and elevate your mood.