By the way, thank you for asking this! Actually we really want to encourage this discussion. You should ask why there is free live-streaming, who’s paying for it – short-term and long-term.

We are aware a lot of music is streamed free of charge. There’s a lot of other things we offer for the virtual edition, it’s not just a live-stream. But our virtual SUNANDBASS home needs your financial support, as we pay artists and crew, as well as the infrastructure, tax and fees with it.

Furthermore, it’s not even a financial question foremost, this is a matter to us all – it defines our social identity, personal dignity, self-esteem, our relations – because how and what we do affects not just ourselves and our community, but all others, locally and globally.

By the cancellation of all other festivals, musical tours and club nights our artist’s calendars have been wiped clean. Pretty much anyone whose work depends on them being in front of an audience is seeing their livelihoods evaporate. Artists, video- and photographers, journalists and writers already depended on a network of mostly under-resourced organizations, in the past, now these too are in crisis.

The music and art scene is inextricably linked to other sectors, like the service and event-production industries, and the loss of creative livelihoods has been compounded by the closures of clubs, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, and the cancellations of large events. Day jobs and night jobs disappear at the same time.

We are at the heart of one of the most fragile sectors and the lockdown restrictions are intensifying our built-in vulnerability. As well, our financial losses are not to be won back, there’s no sustainability plan or bail out to expect. Pursuing a living that falls outside the social safety net, in a job you might actually like, is widely regarded to be a play-at-your-own risk endeavor.

Yet, everyone can experience right now, under lockdown, that we are the lifeblood of our communities. Have you noted, how much is silenced along the suspension of events?

Hopefully society will be able to evolve positively and directly address the vulnerabilities of independent contractors and the self- employed.

What we want is consciously giving our time, our resources and advocacy for a better situation now, not tomorrow – and we chose fighting for it by offering a sustainable, independent event, which does not further exploit artists with COVID-19, but steps in and offers instant solidarity and respect.

Let’s find out if we all consider it worthwhile to meet in September 2020 for a SUNANDBASS Beyond Beaches – we’ll see the response in sold wristbands for a fully digital SUNANDBASS.