Will there be a festival in 2021?

That’s what we hope and aim for. Nothing will ever match the real physical experience.

Does my wristband get me priority access for 2021?

Your support in 2020 means a lot to us. It will also be counted as a year participation for the loyalty tickets. We don’t know when we will be able to gather in big groups again, but we would love to throw a special thank you party, once we can go back!

Does SUNANDBASS have a future?

Honestly, we don’t know, we’re on uncharted territory here. We can promise, we’ll try our best to keep us going. But only pretending SUNANDBASS is important to all of us will not be enough to go on.
And once started on imagining what we can actually influence, from that very moment on we were deeply immersed in the wonderful task of creating a temporary virtual home for us. Hence, we hope you are with us in this new quest, to keep SUNANDBASS running, strong and healthy. Once we’ve assured ourselves that we‘re all solving this new challenge together, we are confident to once more deliver memories that live up to our legacy.
Also, we want you all to be safe and sound, which is the most important thing.
Finally we’re plain grateful for the incredible journey that lies behind us, for all the things we could share over the past 17 years and we will remain optimistic, as things between us often turned out better than anyone could have hoped for!