What kind of tickets are there?

The Full Week Pass which you must buy online in advance. This pass grants access to all events hosted by SUNANDBASS for the duration of the festival.

A limited amount of Single Night Passes will be available online. These will guarantee you entry to your chosen club night only. Upon availability these tickets will be available at the door however entry depends on what the capacity of the specific night is.

The limited Apartment Package allows you to to purchase a Full Week Pass, even before the official ticket sale starts, if you book accommodation with one of our local affiliated partners.

What is the Loyalty Ticket Sale and who can participate?

The Loyalty Ticket Sale is a pre-sale of a small batch of Full Week Passes happening prior the Official Ticket Sale. Everyone who has bought a Full Week Pass three times over the past five years through our partner THETICKETFAIRY and attended can participate after they have filled out our application form.

What kind of tickets will be offered in the loyalty ticket sale?

We will only offer Full Week Passes in this special pre-sale. This sale will be on a first come, first serve basis.

How can I apply for it?

Via our form within the application window. You will have to submit your first and last name, years of attendance and email address. Furthermore you need to give us permission to check our buying records to search for your name.

When will the ticket sale happen?

One week before the official ticket pre-sale. If your application is valid you will receive a personal ticket purchase invitation in advance of the sale.

Does this mean if have not been to SUNANDBASS I can’t by a ticket at all?

Absolutely not. We love the fact that there are new faces every year. Therefore the pot of regular tickets is still the biggest and will happen in May.

I have been to SUNANDBASS multiple times and supported SAB for a long time but am not qualified. How can I participate in the loyalty sale?

Unfortunately you can not. We do understand that this might be frustrating. There are a lot of you out there that we feel grateful towards. It’s just impossible to make it right for everyone.

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I’m experiencing difficulties buying tickets. What can I do?

For any problems regarding the online purchase and payments of tickets please contact THETICKETFAIRY support: support[at] You can also register at THETICKETFAIRY and preselect your favourite payment option to make a faster and proven sales process.

How can I pay for my SUNANDBASS ticket?

Tickets are sold online via our partner THETICKETFAIRY. They only accept credit card payments. On location we currently accept cash as well as debit and credit card payments.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

In order to change the name on your ticket you will have to go trough the resell process via THETICKETFAIRY. This is possible up until 8 days prior the event. You will then be reimbursed for the ticket price if the re-personalization is successful. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more info.

For any problems regarding the online purchase and payments of tickets please contactTHETICKETFAIRY support: support[at]

Where and how can I pick up my wristband?

Your festival wristband(s) can be collected during check-in hours at the official SUNANDBASS check in desk at Hotel Al Faro on Friday before and on the first Saturday. Please bring along the ticket and valid ID for identification. We will then hand out your festival wristband for the week.

If you are arriving late on Saturday, Sunday and every following weekday please pick up your festival wristband directly from the club Ambra Night. Waiting times may occur, so we suggest you pick up your festival wristband during regular check in hours to enjoy SUNANDBASS.