Registering for cashless

Why should I create a personal account online?

Creating a personal account and linking it to your credit card you can manage your balance online and enable features like automatic top ups. With your personal accounts you will also get a free of charge automated refund of unspent credits in your home currency. As we have quite an international crowd, with mostly non-Euro customers we thought about this thoroughly. Our aim was to create a hassle-free solution that makes the overall experience better.

How can I register my personal account online?

On the homepage you can see 2 options: login or sign up, click “Sign up!”.
Choose the email address you’d like to have linked to your ticket/personal account (attention: only 1 ticket/personal account can be linked per email address).
Choose a memorable password and confirm by clicking “sign-up”.

You can confirm your details by:

  • text message: fill in your phone number and you will receive a code by text message that you need to fill in. Confirm after filling in the code.
  • by mail: you will receive a mail with a link to click on. By clicking this link you will be sent to your account to complete your registration.

Fill in all the required information to set up your personal account, accept the Terms & Conditions and confirm.

If you’re already inside the event and you don’t have a ticket number, you can still register using the unique code that you can find on the back of your wristband and enjoy the same advantages of automated top up or automated refunds.

Where can I pay with my wristband?

You can use your cashless wristband all official SUNANDBASS venues including Al Faro and La Posta. The payment method is valid from first day of official check-in on Friday, 6 September from 4.00 PM until our final gathering at La Posta (venue closes on Monday).

I don’t want to create a personal account, can I still get a cashless wristband?

Creating a personal account offers a lot of benefits like online and even automated top ups or free of charge refunds of the unused balance after the event is over. If you do not want to create a personal account you can still get a cashless wristband. Without a personal cashless account you can only charge credits on one of the onsite top-up stations with cash or card. Be aware of refund conditions (see respective section).