Recovering unspent balance

Can I recover unspent balance?

If you did not spend all your credits on your wristband you can refund the balance. We are NOT offering any refunds on site. After SUNANDBASS we’ll release a refund form, where you can apply from on Wednesday 18th until 30th of September 2019 for recovering unused credits.
This is for everyone who has not subscribed on automated refunds and the respective costs and fees for the bank transfer will be deducted.

Refunds with a personal cashless account

If you do register for a personal account and connect your credit card we will automatically recover all the credit you didn’t use, free of charge and in your home currency. However we can refund only as much as you did top up through this Personal Account. If you connect your personal account with a payment method other than credit card, transaction fees occur.

Refunds without a personal cashless account

If you choose not to create a personal account you can request a refund through an online refund form, filling in all personal data needed in order to process your request. You can request this refund from SUNANDBASS until 30 September 2019. Once the period has passed, refunds cannot be processed anymore. The refund will be paid back as soon as possible, latest a week after the refund period is finished. Please take into account that processing all the requested refunds might take some time. If you do not have a personal account, the actually resulting transaction fee will be charged. This means if you do not live within the EU you might end up paying very high banking fees.