When will the line up of SUNANDBASS be announced?

The full line up will be announced in the second half of August. We know that some of you would like to have the list of confirmed artists much earlier, however we take the time to make it as special as we can. We can guarantee you a diverse mix of international headliners, local heroes, underground talent and promising newcomers. We’ve gathered more than 100 artists to create the perfect SUNANDBASS soundtrack for you.

We are proud to feel that our festival as a whole is what defines our success and take great solace in knowing that the overall shared belief in this event is what allows us to fully fulfill an extraordinary of week of great music.

How is the line up being put together?

In 2014 we have introduced the concept of Curators to SUNANDBASS. Each floor (usually two per-night) calls upon a curation from a well-respected auteur to put forward some suggestion of what artists they want to see on the line up. The result is an eclectic and free display of drum and bass from highly regarded and groundbreaking DJs and MCs. This year’s Curators line up to be announced in August.

When do you release the running order?

Running orders will be released the day before the event takes place. We hope you catch more than what you already know and want to see!

Is it possible to apply for a DJ slot?

Our booking is a closed process. Therefore we do not take outside requests to play at the festival. Please refrain from sending mixes or applications to play at SUNANDBASS. Thanks for understanding.

Will there be any afterhours?

Our daytime program is full and organised so we do not throw any after parties. We want to give our guests the chance to cool down and chill out in the mornings. We would like you to shy away from the idea of after-hour-parties at your accommodation if you are in proximity to fellow holidaying families in San Teodoro.