How much will a SUNANDBASS 2020 wristband cost?

We wish not to ask more of our community then we need, therefore there will be a reduction in the price as more wristbands are sold. First, we’ll be asking you to be prepared to pay 75 EUR for a wristband. But the price we charge can be as low as 35 EUR for everyone, depending on how many people support the digital project. Regardless of you being the first or the last supporter, the ticket price will be the same for everyone and an email notification will be sent to you, before the final price is charged. You might find a lowering price quite unusual, it really is.  Over the past years, the festival always sells out. Now, without physical restrictions we have no limit, but we also need to do a corona-virus-crisis-rain-check: is SUNANDBASS  Beyond Beaches as interesting for you as our Sardinia event?
By lowering the price, as more of you sign up for a wristband, we can all together find out in real time if we’re in few, in many or best case, as many as at a physical SUNANDBASS night, by checking this gradually decreased price.

I have already bought a wristband, what happens if the price gets lower?

Once you sign up to buy a wristband through TheTicketFairy the full amount of 75€ will only be “reserved” on your credit card. Regardless of you being the first or the last supporter, the price for everyone is lowered the more tickets are sold and will be the same for everyone. In case of a successful campaign we’ll send you an email and charge the hopefully much lower ticket price from your account.