Charging your cashless wristband

How can I charge or top up my wristband on-site and online?

Onsite you can charge your wristband with card or cash at our top up stations at La Cinta Beach Club and Ambra Night. Charging your wristband online in your personal account is possible before and during the event. Go to the SUNANDBASSĀ cashless account website and register with your email and ticket number or of you don’t have a ticket number, you can still register using the unique code that you can find on the back of your chip on the wristband. From settings select the top-up option that you prefer. Add it to the basket and pay with any available payment options. With a personal cashless account you can also set up automatic top-ups.

How much should I charge into my wristband and what happens if I lose it?

You can charge as much as you want but please be careful with your wristband! Losing it is like losing your wallet and your ticket, so remember to tighten your wristband properly to your wrist. In case of loss or theft, please get in touch at one of to the SUNANDBASS desks at La Cinta Beach Club or Ambra Night and we will try to solve the issue. NOTE: A potentially replaced wristband won’t have any of the credits you had on your previous wristband.