Intro to cashless

What is ‘cashless’ and why does SUNANDBASS go cashless?

Cashless is a payment system that makes transactions inside the event faster and easier. You will have a wristband to which you can charge the amount of money that you plan to spend and use it at selected venues, bars and shops in San Teodoro.

We think it’s about time to redefine your SUNANDBASS experience and obvious advantages of going cashless are:

  • Eliminate currency exchange losses
  • Never again standing thirsty in front of an empty cash machine
  • No wallets at the beach, just a towel
  • Cut the paper receipt lines in bars and the club

However and more importantly we want our full immersive Drum’n’Bass holiday, where we all come and go as we like, eat and drink where we enjoy it most and stay at our favorite places without worrying about a thing. We believe, a cashless payment solution can further allow us to set up SUNANDBASS in our free-spirited way: While we get a little share of what the partner locations earn, we can also show our colours to our hosts in at San Teodoro. That’s why we really hope all of you are happy to support us by using your cashless wristband, when you’re paying for food and drinks in San Teodoro. We will do our utmost to make this a most comfortable journey for you. And maybe one day… this will build us the floating stage with inflatable water slides 🙂

Do I need to use cashless payments?

Our night time venues will be strictly cashless, so to buy a drink you’ll be only able to pay with credits on your wristband. Ambra Day and La Cinta Beach Club will also accept alternative payment methods.

Where can I pay with my wristband?

You can use your cashless wristband all official SUNANDBASS venues including Al Faro and La Posta. The payment method is valid from first day of official check-in on Friday, 6 September from 4.00 PM until our final gathering at La Posta (venue closes on Monday, 16 September at 3.00 AM). Do you have any suggestions which other local businesses should be part of our cashless offering? Give us feedback on