What is the weather like in Sardinia in September?

During the day temperatures can rise to around 25-30°C. In the evenings wind can cause a small chill so make sure to bring some warm clothes with you too.

Is it a good idea to attend SUNANDBASS on my own?

Connecting to like-minded people and forming meaningful relationships is an essential part of life. A great percentage of people come on their own each year to meet up again for a holiday reunion of drum and bass-lovers. The SUNANDBASS crowd is open, helpful and friendly, and San Teodoro provides the optimal setting to make new friends. Join our Facebook group to share accommodation and get tips from fellow visitors.

Can I bring my kids to the festival?

Yes, absolutely! SUNANDBASS has grown into a family-friendly festival. Please bear in mind that our soundsystem on the beach is powerful and therefore we strongly recommend to bring special ear protection for your children if you plan to take them to the beach during the day’s programming. We would also like to remind all parents that the front of the stage is not the best place for minors. There’s plenty of room on the beach. It’s safer to stay closer to the dunes where you can still enjoy the music.

How much money will I need for the whole week?

Well once your accommodation is arranged it naturally depends on how much you plan to spend on drinks and food etc. It is possible to do SUNANDBASS on a tight budget at an apartment, villa, hotel or otherwise, although we suggest trying some of the local Italian cuisine and restaurants at least once. Beverages in the clubs are reasonable, so plan and calculate your trip accordingly and you will have and idea of what to expect.

How do I get around in San Teodoro?

All venues in San Teodoro are within walking distance of each other. Just make sure your apartment/hotel is directly in San Teodoro. Please check our Google map or contact us in case you are unsure of where your apartment is located exactly. It’s possible to rent bikes, scooters and cars in San Teodoro as well.

What about photos and drones?

It’s a holiday so you should capture as many memories as possible. If you take pictures please be considerate of others. If you take pictures of people please make sure they are ok with it, especially on the beach and on the dancefloor.

Professional photo or video equipment as well as drones are forbidden at any SUNANDBASS event. We have photographers onsite who will capture all the special moments for you. We would like you to fully enjoy the moment in the present, as it happens, so during the festival we will share the pictures and videos we document on our social media platforms.

Please be aware for the usage of a drone you must have a license, and must not fly in towns or over beaches during bathing season. You could be fined €40,000 by the local authorities if you violate Italian aviation rules for flying drones.

Can I bring my sound system to SUNANDBASS?

Please don’t. There’s plenty of music on site. There is no need to bring your own PA to San Teodoro. San Teodoro is a small, quiet town that welcomes us warmly every year. We would like to ask you to respect our neighbours so everyone can enjoy their time at SUNANDBASS equally.


There’s a lot of ways to enjoy music. We believe drugs are not one of them, therefore hard drugs are prohibited at SUNANDBASS. Please stay safe and take responsibility for yourself and others.

Being Green

We all love to dance on the soft sands of La Cinta beach. We think partying together does not only mean having fun together but also taking care of the picturesque setting we choose to celebrate. Please help us to reduce the event’s impact on the site and the environment by taking part in the local recycling system. Do not litter on the beach and collect your cigarette butts in pocket ashtrays! Thank you for leaving the environment as you found it.