What kind of accommodation is the best choice for me?

There are three basic types of accommodation available in San Teodoro. Depending on your budget and whether you are traveling on your own we would recommend an apartment/villa, hotel or camping. Please check our accommodation page for further information.

What should I pay attention to when booking accommodation?

Make sure to compare different offers of different agencies to get the best deal. Most importantly check the exact location of your apartment/hotel to make sure it is located within walking distance to all the SUNANDBASS venues. Ask your agency for the detailed address and cross check the location on our map or just drop us an email in case you’re not sure. Please make sure you are aware of hidden costs and ask about any in advance.

We try to put everything into organising SUNANDBASS so we have a wonderful time together. We really don’t want your time spoiled by walks off the beaten track or expensive cab rides.

What does the SUNANDBASS Apartment Package contain and how does it work?

The Apartment Package provides accommodation of your choice that’s booked via one of our local affiliated partners and allows every person lodging there to secure a Full Week Pass, even before the official ticket sale starts. Once you’ve booked your accommodation with one of our partners you will receive an exclusive link to the regular ticketing purchase from the accommodation and booking agency.

Please be aware that only the contract for the ticket purchase is concluded exclusively between SUNANDBASS and you. The accommodation contract is concluded exclusively between the accommodation agency and you.

This offer will become available in April.