How to travel to San Teodoro:

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Airports, Ferries, Trains

Olbia Costa Smeralda is the nearest airport (30 km) to San Teodoro, so we recommend you land there. Alghero is the second closest airport, although it’s about 200km away. The ride to San Teodoro can take some time and is not possible with public transport after 2:00 PM, so consider renting a car. Cab services cost about €280. The airport in Cagliari is the furthest away, but connections are reasonably good, and it costs only about €30 to make a road trip across the island by bus or train.

Grimaldi Lines, Moby Lines, Sardegna and Corsica Ferries are the more prominent connecting ferry carriers.

Train connections are available at

Getting from to San Teodoro

Airport shuttle provided by San Teodoro Beach Bus

Our travel partner San Teodoro Beach Bus offers an airport shuttle for SUNANDBASS guests. If you book in advance and provide your Flight number, they will wait for you in case of delays, and they have several drop-off locations in San Teodoro that you can choose for comfort. 

Click here for more info and to book your seat now.

They also run the local Beach Bus connecting San Teodoro with its beaches and suburbs.

Local Bus

The cheapest method of transport is to catch a bus directly from Olbia Airport.

We recommend Tueco Bus Share round trip from and to Olbia airport. Book your ticket now  here and choose a comfortable stop in San Teodoro.More info about Tueco Bus Sharing is here.

There are two other companies servicing San Teodoro: ARST has a mobile app to let you aquire a ride with credit card and will drop you at the big parking lot, next to the bridge in Via Sardegna. And Deplano is another privat service, which will drop you outside San Teodoro, close to Hotel Le Mimose.

You can check the other bus schedules on the Olbia Airport website and Google Maps.

Busses depart from the right side of the parking lot when you leave the airport. You can buy tickets directly from the driver.


You can also book a taxi directly from Olbia airport. But, again, prices vary, and they can start from around €65.

Car rental

There are also several car rentals at Olbia Airport if you want to rent a car for your stay.


In San Teodoro

As long as you booked directly in San Teodoro and not in one of the more distant suburbs called “Frazioni”, you can easily reach all locations by foot or bike.

Additionally, the Beach Bus connects San Teodoro with its beaches and suburbs. Click here for more info.

There are also some local taxi services and car and bike hire in San Teodoro.

Why not sign up for a trip to the hinterland with the mountain bike or boat tours to see Tavolara, Cala Gonone and La Maddalena?