Growing up, some of the precious gifts I received from my family was the key to imagining a happy, healthy and peaceful world. I learned that we are different yet equal and how we interact and cooperate is the key to building a community. The more we participate, the more we connect, the more we are connected. All living things are in a cyclical relationship that is kept in balance with love, generosity, and kindness, just like nature has taught us all along.


And just like nature, nothing stays the same, rather it continually evolves. This is my passion, and whenever possible I seize the opportunity to recreate an inter-relational space, a temporary home to a community. One of those platforms is SUNANDBASS


The 2021 week was one of remembering, telling the stories of our beautiful place, through our bones, it calls to us, we share magical moments with our wonderful global friends and families. Banging bass music in the Sun’s spotlight, where all the waves can freely resonate and frequencies harmoniously intersect, the light, the warmth, the ocean, the sound. To see others, to be seen dancing, and to find the projections of our dancing shadows that visually connect us all as equals, independently of how we look, how we talk, who we are, and where we come from, reflecting our enriching diversity ephemerally in the middle of nature, showing all our inner beauty. 


It took a lot of words here, for me, to paint the picture and explain the type of love we share: the rare, pure, and beautiful atmosphere of SUNANDBASS – real, intangible, our sort of heaven.


I acknowledge the suffering of all of us, especially those of our community that has already been hit hard and need hope, love, and support today. The path before us is still difficult and there will be more hardship and grief before we find ourselves on the other side of this. And we will neither be unharmed nor invincible, but stronger, well prepared. Another opportunity to recreate and reimagine that loving place for us lies before me, and I hope it gives us solace from our suffering and physically hammers it away with heavy drums, and with the soft embrace of our community.


From tomorrow, we will start planning and preparing for our next edition of SUNANDBASS. And already I look forward to all of us dancing on the island in 2022! 


Sending love, Martina