These past months have changed our lives unexpectedly, leaving many out of work for the foreseeable future. Although we miss our nightlife; dancing and dissolving into the crowds under a fresh beat… cramming dozens of people into a club right now is like dropping a lit match in the woods during fire season. Who knows how far the damage will spread? While it’s vital we reduce the spread of COVID-19, we can help ensure that our scene gets the necessary governmental support in the meantime.
With lack of support, we are seeing evictions, closures and financial hardship of people and venues that used to provide a sanctuary for us to gather and unwind! Photographers, stage crew, security, sound and lighting engineers, drivers and venue staff are just some of the vital, behind-the-scenes workers that create the perfect atmosphere for us to relax and enjoy ourselves!
So, if you would like to support your club and nightlife culture during this pandemic struggle, then sign the EU’s petition to call for proper government funding of the creative industries during the crises and beyond:!CCS
You can also add your countries petition below.
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