Come join us! Our twenty-year edition of SUNANDBASS will be from September 7 to 14, 2024! Prepare for the ever-electrifying week of pure energy drumandbass in the bright Sardinian sunshine.

What a year it will be—with our XX-year edition, we are on the cusp of celebrating not just a milestone in our history but also the communal spirit that has grown and thrived within SUNANDBASS.

Who was there in the beginning with us? Can you recall the DJs lugging around San Teodoro with their heavy bags of black gold, their backs aching from the weight? Or perhaps you remember the early SUNANDBASS apartments, where you shared a single bed with three other adventurous first-timers? Do you recall the sweat-soaked rides in the tiny Fiat Puntos, shuttling everyone around? And who could forget the salty ocean winds, blowing the needle off the vinyl during a set, giving ‘rewind’ a whole new taste!? Remember the years, when San Teodoro’s supermarkets ran out of beer and bottled water…can you guess which one ran out of first!? We’ve come a long way since then, and every year, a new adventure!

If you love dipping your toes into the wild ride that is our SUNANDBASS behind the scenes story, continue here, or jump to the year-by-year story of our little slice of drumandbass paradise.

Despite the challenges and changes of the past two decades, SUNANDBASS has blossomed from a humble holiday gathering of devoted drum and bass music lovers into a pivotal event on the international music calendar. It’s been a journey marked by unforgettable performances, spontaneous moments of joy, and the forging of lifelong friendships. Our devotion and the amiable atmosphere created have been the heart of SUNANDBASS, making each edition a vivid chapter in a story that we all continue to write together.

Can you believe how far we’ve come? Now, reminiscing about how time is transient and change is constant, thank you for making this long journey with us. We cherish the relationships and music anchoring us; you’re the best! Our bonds and beats have made SUNANDBASS a recurring holiday, a worldwide community, and a whole-hearted way of life.

Let’s celebrate the past, savour the present, and dance into the future together.