Dear SUNANDBASS family,


It breaks our hearts to announce once again that a real SUNANDBASS in Sardinia cannot happen this season, we must postpone and hope that 2022 will see our return.


The harsh reality is that one year later, this disruptive state of affairs is still dominating how we live our lives.


We have had many beautiful, wild years building and shaping our Sardinian music holidays together, and to stage it in 2021 would have to abide by a hygiene concept in some format; perhaps testing, masks, quarantines, possibly no clubbing; and of course that still does not guarantee that our events could go ahead as planned! This is not the SUNANDBASS that we would like to see and quite frankly it wouldn’t be SUNANDBASS unless we can dance, and hug, and sing into the early hours without worry or concern. Instead, we will wait out this storm until we can gather again and truly be free knowing that our coming together will not put others at risk.

You know we miss you! We miss dancing in Ambra Night Club together, the SUNANDBASS BBQs at Ambra Day, or perhaps strolling through San Teodoro eating ice cream in front of Ambra Day. Just to see the night market and have a beer at La Posta, or jumping into Bal Harbour’s pool and listen to live performances while we cool off from the sunshine. We can hardly count how many times we arrived at Al Faro straight from the airport and instantly felt at home, or walked through the sand at La Cinta Beach Club for a perfect espresso under the view of Tavolara Island. Sure, this list is incomplete. We didn’t name even one of our friends, partners or beloved faces that we long to see again in San Teodoro grateful for the time spent in paradise and your company! Here, we send our love to our friends, our partners, the crew and the SUNANDBASS family in San Teodoro and Sardinia and all over the world, stay strong! 

No doubt that we’ll meet soon under the Sardinian skies where we belong and will dance as one with the stars at the next edition of SUNANDBASS!

Thank you for your patience and support, especially to all of the fabulous DJs who have helped keep us going by providing killer podcasts for us through these tough times! Hold an ear out for the monthly podcast mixes! Or check out our latest mix here: #111 – Lens:

And while we plan for 2022, we are bringing you new label releases and are very excited for the first SUNANDBASS Recordings release in July of 2021: 



Release Date: 09.07.2021

Need For Mirrors’ first appearance at SUNANDBASS was as early as the 2006 edition, and here he created moments that made our common history along all these years. Then in 2019, the prolific producer just blew us away with his SUNANDBASS performance. These tunes were the starting point of this latest chapter: the Ultra Violin EP, making this venture even more special or poignant, depending on how you look at it. The energy created on Ultra Violin brings us right back to the time ‘before’ when we could safely gather together in large groups, exchange ideas, energies and be totally carefree as we experienced a shared love of this music together. From racing, emotional melodies to trancing, celestial beats, Need For Mirrors transports us right back under the duvet of Sardinia’s warm, night skies.


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Do you still have your SUNANDBASS t-shirts? From which year did you get it? Do you have a favorite? Does it have holes in it by now!?

Well, ours are well worn and full of memories; so we think it’s time that we make new ones. Over the coming weeks we’ll share our new designs with you, so keep an eye on your mail for new t-shirts like this one above. Even though we cannot meet this year, then perhaps we can still have something to remind us of the incredible times that we’ve all had in San Teodoro and radiate some much-needed SUNANDBASS vibes into the world.