SUNANDBASS 2020 Update

Dear SUNANDBASS community,

We hope that our latest newsletter finds you and your loved ones well as we walk through these rather unsettling times…
Well, the original intention of this newsletter actually was to reveal a few more innovations in the context of the 17th edition of SUNANDBASS – but the current global situation regarding the containment of the COVID-19 virus makes this approach kind of irrelevant at this point.

These days, we realize more than ever how grateful we actually should be about all the things – big and small – that came together and enabled us to do 16 editions of SUNANDBASS on the beautiful island of Sardinia. We hope that all the memories gathered over the many years will help our crew, guests, artists, families and local partners to somehow stay positive in these dark moments – and even though it feels kinda odd at this point, we remain very hopeful for September and continue to post stories and music in the meantime.
Most of all we wish everyone and their loved ones health, strong nerves and confidence. The times of high spirits will return. Listen and make lots of music; spread love and keep fingers crossed until we know if SUNANDBASS can take place. You can support the producers by buying their records or merchandise and reach out to each other, as we are all in this together.


Cheers & stay save.
Yours truly,