As the pandemic continues to change how we live our lives, it‘s clear a physical SUNANDBASS in San Teodoro will not take place. So how can we realise SUNANDBASS from 5th to 12th September 2020? Our journey together will bring some new experiences, which we will announce soon, and we might walk the memory lane of our most memorable moments of the past 16 editions.


What makes SUNANDBASS such a valuable experience, that we think it‘s worth to keep going?


SUNANDBASS is magic, because we are all a rare bunch of lovely people, with permission to be in the front row; music lovers, artists, connoisseurs, passionate dancers, promoters and first-timers equally engaged. It has inspired DJs, enhanced by the dnb-owned live vibe of ecstatically talented MCs that eloquently absorb all of our emotions, mirror them and reflect them right back at us. Rightly we feel that the freshest drumandbass originates in our midst. 


Yes, we’re the luckiest people, being all in this together, regardless of whether we’re playing, producing, smiling, singing or dancing, we are one loving SUNANDBASS family! It‘s our legacy! All of this happens in the most beautiful place of the whole wide world, drumandbass paradise: Sardinia’s small village of San Teodoro.


So, we want to meet you all, in a SUNANDBASS virtual holiday home beyond the beaches. To create a temporary location for our collective soul, where we’ll reconnect, relax, play and listen to the best of dnb, and all together we will sing along and dance. And if we can’t go to our island paradise, we will bring Sardegna in our homes, until we can!


Soon we‘ll ask you to support this idea of our virtual adventure. Simply buy SUNANDBASS 2020 wristbands, which we will post to you in time for September. We’ll start with asking €75 while the wristband price will gradually decrease, the more sign up for it. The final price will be the same for everybody. We‘ll give you more info on SUNANDBASS 2020 wristbands before the sale starts on 31st of May 2020. 


Please feel free to share this message and we warmly invite you to write to for more info, your feedback and any inquiry. 


Keep your spirits high, be safe and sound and spread dnb love!