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Bravehearts EP from Satl

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Satl is a frequent traveler and performer at our events, also taking pride of place within our SUNANDBASS parties, enabling him to debut his music across our wide-ranging fan base. For him to release an EP on our imprint comes as little surprise, with him already deeply involved with the SUNANDBASS family.

The ‘Braveheart’ EP is an intricate look into the sounds which build Satl’s musicality – from its title track featuring Dan Stezo, through to finishing record ‘Maj’, it pedestals the direction which has enabled Satl to receive such worldwide recognition. The winding pads of ‘Bravehearts’ and the gloomy lyricism of Dan Stezo gives a darker edge to the opening track, whilst ‘Acid Trip’ is an immersive experience, one with an urgency that catapults you into its first breakdown. ‘Low End Theory’ shakes through to its core with a stocky heaviness, then ‘Maj’ takes you down a lighter route, one underpinned by its swatches of tinkling percussion.

From beginning to end, Satl takes us on a journey and it’s one with the mechanics that he’s becoming renowned for. Joining SUNANDBASS Recordings once again, it’ll be a welcome addition for any DJ and fan looking to add to their extensive Satl catalogue.

Acid Trip
‘Low End Theory’

Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat#: SAB010
Release Date: 24th May 2019