SUNANDBASS Recordings presents
“One More Week EP” FD & ArpXP

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Over the 12 years since it’s inception, SUNANDBASS has become a name synonymous with one of the most important happenings in the Drum and Bass scene, and a stamp of quality.

Always with a keen ear for what’s hot, they were privy to some of the best new music being made, and with this in mind they decided it was time to bring back their own label, SUNANDBASS Recordings.

Their first outing is the ‘One More Week’ EP, featuring two tracks from two well- versed and experienced producers, FD and ArpXP.

Known for their work with SUNANDBASS and also Soul:r and Metalheadz to name a few, the two bring yet another four slabs of quality composed music to this release. ‘Ambra’ and ‘Since That Afternoon’ have you dancing under the stars on the island, whilst ‘On Your Skin’ and ‘Give It All’ come with a little more pressure, a reminder of when things get hot and heavy!