There’s a Berlin Reunion just now! Make your way to Berlin on the 15th of November 2019 to join us for an extraordinary night at Ohm Club right underneath Tresor.

And well, how can SUNANDBASS get more autumnally than with some mystically dark and dramatically melodic tunes from Klute and Doc Scott?
That’s not all. We’ll have a big part of our Recordings Artists playing along, so don’t miss Alite, ArpXP, Delicat and Soulsurfer to get the whole package of compressed sun rays for our season closing.

Line up:

Doc Scott

Host: MC Soultrain

Let us know if you’re coming via our Facebook event page. Tickets will be sold at the door.

Promoting a SUNANDBASS Reunion means there’s a back story to who’s playing as how the artist is related to us.

Our relationship with Soulsurfer goes back to the late 90’s! Running the local record store in Mannheim, Germany the connection to Stefano aka Delicat and Andreas of the SUNANDBASS founders. Soulsurfer has been a local figure in the Mannheim music scene for a while and it was only logic that he joined us in setting up the first proper edition of the festival in 2004. Until today he is still involved mainly with managing the sound and stage management to make ensure you all have a great experience.

MC Soultrain is also connected to us through Mannheim and he was on board for the initial edition already. We spent the first crazy editions very closely together and had some sleepless nights together, like the legendary raid at Al Faro’s in 2005. His passion and own personal style are only getting more intense over the years and we think that goes greatly with the Reunion line up.

From Cagliari Simone aka ArpXP made the first SUNANDBASS as a local guest, presenting himself to the promoters and offering help, and – wow – we never stopped asking him since. ArpXP is a true Jack of all trades and a core element of making the festival happen. He’s a Designer, DJ, Producer and one of our closest ties to the local scene, responsible for the artwork and visual appearance of anything related SUNANDBASS. You’re probably wearing one of his designs and please don’t miss to check out his releases on several labels including our very own one SUNANDBASS Recordings here.

Simone also brought in Giovanna aka Alite, of Italian origins, to help us in 2007. She has been a massive support from day one taking on central responsibilities regarding artist management on site and in London, where she was based for many years. She did organize events for us there and met with artists, represented us at the DNB awards and recruited some of our fabulous staff members and raised the quality wherever she laid her hands on. And on top of all that, she also shines as Alite DJing, and as a curator of legendary Ambra Night Club nights.

Speaking of London, in 2006 ESP Agency had their fitfth anniversary and we started collaborating then. So Klute was playing 2006 in San Teodoro for the first time. Tom would repeatedly not recognize Martina, another founder and we had all a good laugh on it. However SUNANDBASS made an impression on the crafty musician and here we go now, he almost didn’t miss a year since – he even became SUNANDBASS famous as a duo with Dom&Roland, so we hardly can imagine to separate them; and sure, nowadays we would hang out together and have some food if we are in the same city.

The same edition, our third one, Doc Scott was in the line up, again for the 5 years of ESP Agency. For years we waited for him to set the countdown for SUNANDBASS, eager to be certain he is still inspired by our unique event. Sure outside our SUNANDBASS bubble both men contributed so much to drumandbass music, we’re endlessly grateful every time we can listen to their performances, especially representing at our events.

As a founding member of SUNANDBASS, and the man behind the Label, Stefano aka Delicat has obviously had a massive influence on the Drum and Bass scene with establishing an international holiday for music lovers from around the world. He loves to DJ himself, but is also still driven by the vision of creating this unique sweet spot, where artists, music enthusiasts, friends, creative people of all kind can meet to experience it all with like-minded souls on this beautiful Italian island.

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to meet up after another amazing year. This is our chance to exchange farewells before we head to Australia for 2020, so see you in Berlin!