We are working hard in the background on our monthly podcast and label: SUNANDBASS Recordings.

The label and podcast provide a platform for emerging and established artists to share tracks that showcase their relationship with our festival. Our podcast will give you a fresh mix from our dearest artists on the first week of every month. For now, this is our way of gathering and reconnecting with our community of drumandbass lovers. The label, however, is more behind-the-scenes work, and we aim to release new music a few times a year. The label’s ethos is to promote music with a personal touch to represent the spirit of the SUNANDBASS.

Set up in 2011, we have released compilation albums, EPs, singles, albums, and many more records and merch to go along with it with some of the biggest names in drumandbass.

Also, we are planning a tour of Australia and New Zealand.