From our little improvised DJ booth in the beach bar to an iconic 360 degree stage right on La Cinta with breathtaking views onto Tavolara – it was a more than exciting journey so far. Quite a few of you returning to the island year after year have not only joined us on this journey but really empowered us to get to where we are today. Your relentless belief in our vision of the perfect Drum‘n‘Bass holidays and unconditional love for this magical place means the world to us. You made it possible to grow SUNANDBASS and continuously improve especially the day program that adds so much to our festival and allows the global and local community experience the unique vibe of our event. From some of the biggest names in Drum’n’Bass to HipHop Greats, we’ve had truly amazing times together under the Sardinian sun.

Those of you that helped develop our project with your ongoing support by returning to Sardinia over and over again we want to give something back this year! That is why in 2019 we will offer a smaller batch of Full Week Passes to our SUNANDBASS long-timers in order to have an increased chance of scoring a week pass. We understand this has become more and more of a challenge with the incredible demand we have experienced over the past years.

This is by no means an exclusion of first-timers and new members to our SUNANDBASS community but much more so an appreciation of long-timers that have supported us over a longer period of time.

Please note:

  • You are eligible to the special Loyalty Pre-Sale if you have bought a full week pass in your name through TheTicketFairy and attended in at least 3 of the past 5 years (2014 – 2018).
  • This sale will be on a first come, first serve basis and ends once it’s either sold out or the regular pre-sale starts.
  • Qualification for the Loyalty Pre-Sale does not guarantee a ticket!
  • The window for applications to participate is now closed and we’re processing your information until 10th May 2019.
  • Thanks for participating and your ongoing trust.

We know there are a lot more frequent supporters who are not eligible, but still an important part of SUNANDBASS. Therefore we like to say Thank you! to the entire community; newcomers and long-timers, music creators and consumers, relatives and friends, our amazing crew and all local entities involved in making this happen. It wouldn’t be possible without you! You keep us going and we love pulling off SUNANDBASS every year!