Location and Venues

SUNANDBASS is taking place in San Teodoro, Sardinia. This beautiful town lies directly underneath the ‘Costa Smeralda’, one of Europe’s most exclusive holiday destinations. The region is renowned for its breathtaking and often untouched landscape with a rustic Caribbean feel. For more information on how to get there go to our travel section.

Al Faro


SUNANDBASS ravers have spent more time in Al Faro than anywhere else, with scores of events taking place there over the week. Moreover, it’s a connecting point between staff members, guests and DJs, and it’s where you’ll be checking in on Friday and Saturday. Be aware, we heard a rumour Giacomo plans for a special in 2022 that SUNANDBASS has not seen since 2005.

Ambra Day


Ambra Day is a bar located in the middle of the town, and it’s a buzzing hive of activity in the area. The Bassdrive crew regularly host their radio shows here. There was an unforgettable rain session when a location change led to Nu:Tone and London Elektricity performing under a little gazebo, and we all danced in the rain. In 2005 John B’s “If I Say Pinot, You say Grigio” MC session became SUNANDBASS folklore. Many legendary concerts followed: Jenna and the Gs with DRS and Six Gold Rings performed with a six-piece-strong live band. The 2019 jam session showcased live drums and vocals with Sofi Mari, Collette Warren, Daniela Facchiano, Stamina MC, Charli Brix, Septabeat, Phil D Drums, Laurence Wilkins, and Thomas Brown. History is made here.

Ambra Night


No place like Ambra gives SUNANDBASS the home feeling, The original indoor structures date from the late 60ies, the birth of nightlife in Sardinia. And as most of the location is Open Air, we treasure the memory of dancing at the seaside under the stars. 

For the 2022 season, Ambra Night updated its protective measures to make our visit as safe and carefree as possible: new air purifiers and renovated indoor toilets. In addition, there is a more extensive beach area to enjoy. You’ll love the changes!

Bal Harbour


Miami style pool and palms; Bal Harbour provides the dreamy beach scenery and art deco vibe for our DJ competition, while on a relaxed tip, it provides the secluded setting to breathe in the rebirth of cool from live jazz musicians and vocalists.

Ripping Club


Ripping Club is an exclusive venue that not only provides us shelter from unexpected rain but a totally different vibe from Ambra Night. The club is composed of two rooms: The ‘Black Room’ with low ceilings and a DJ booth integrated into the dancefloor for a dark clubby feeling; and the ‘White Room’ with its open space and elevated DJ booth to provide a more expansive vibe. Of course, this club also has an outdoor area too, and when moving events to this location we take our beloved barkeepers and their famous cocktails with us.

La Cinta Beach


Enjoy the crystal clear sea with Tavolara Island dominating the view and the music that brings us all together. Although some days offer drum and bass in Brazilian flavour, alternative genres are staged here. Although some days offer drum and bass in Brazilian flavour, alternative genres are staged here. Alongside local residents and reggae massive Big Island Sound, internationally renowned acts like Dub FX and Mad Professor to hip hop greats like Jeru the Damaja, the Beatnuts, Slum Village and Newcleus have performed here. 

Over the past years, our day events at La Cinta Beach have organically grown thanks to our cooperation with the local bars and the support of council officials. 

SUNANDBASS days at the Beach are filled with sun, rhythm, and waves and will refresh you for the club nights ahead!

Secret Location


It’s a secret and it’s not on every year!

Map of Venues

Check out our Google Map or download the SUNANDBASS map PDF here.