We were happy to catch up with Lens recently to see how she’s been:

Q. How did you get into drumandbass?

A. I first got into drum and bass from going to raves in Brighton in my teens. My first gig was seeing DJ fresh, I’d only heard his mainstream tracks on the radio and had no idea what to expect. From that night I was hooked and got myself a fake ID so I didn’t miss out. 

Q. What are your hope going forward for Womxn in the drumandbass community?

A. It’s been so incredible to see so many female artists thriving during lockdown – live streaming and appearing on socially distanced line ups. The more females out there bossing it, the more females will have the confidence to get involved. The movement has only just begun! Going forward we all need to uplift and support each other, we’re all sharing this struggle together and if you can help someone out just by sharing their latest mix or liking a post. It makes a difference!

Q. How have you managed to stay creative during the 2020 lockdown?

A. Writing music has been extremely tough for me. I can’t seem to get inspiration locked in my house with no events. So I’ve resorted to watching recorded sets from raves or festivals with a glass (or two) of wine, then my creative juices start to flow. I’ve realised that if I don’t DJ for a while I feel extremely agitated and lost, so livestreams and my residency on Rinse has been a life saver for me. I’ve also learnt how to make banging yorkshire puds!

You can listen to my latest Rinse show here: https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hospitalrecords281020

Q. What are you listening to lately?

A. Jungle, jungle and more jungle. From 90’s ambient tracks to the newer / heavier beats, I just can’t get enough of amens at the moment. It gives me the uplifting energy I need and takes me back to vibing at festivals in the sunshine or english rain… which I will never complain about again!  There’s also loads of wicked British Hip Hop out at the moment. I’m loving Fliptrix’s new album.  
Latest mix: https://soundcloud.com/datatransmissiondnb/renegade-riddims-lens

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Lensdnb/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lens_dnb/?hl=en