Are you enjoying the new Ultra Violin EP by Need For Mirrors? The tracks were written as part of his SUNANDBASS 2019 performance bringing us right back to the time ‘before’! Did you catch this performance at SUNANDBASS 2019?

We checked in with NFM ahead of the release to see how he has been getting on this past year and what his plans are as we slowly emerge from the pandemic.

1) Your new Ultra Violin EP was written for your SUNANDBASS 2019 performance, can you tell me a bit about your creative process? Is there anything different about your writing for a SUNANDBASS performance compared to your other releases?

I was having a conversation with Mark System, about his approach of celebrating music and his track Celebration which is also pencilled for SUNANDBASS. This left a profound impression on me and the music I went on to write was celebratory of SUNANDBASS. It needed to be progressive and full of emotion and everything I wanted to bring to SUNANDBASS. I ended up writing a dozen or so tracks but only really got to play four of them on the night as I ended up going down a journey that I didn’t expect. 


2) What drum and bass tracks have you been listening to lately? And what non-dnb tracks have been inspiring you?

DNB-wise I like a lot of what 31 and cnvx have been putting out probably due to their streaming shows plus artists like Krust, Sal, oli lewis, & kusp. As for other genres I’m all over the place listening to what my wife’s playing or what I’m picking up in other peoples mixes. 


3) You founded the DnB night Soul In Motion along with another SUNANDBASS family member Bailey. After a year of no shows and many many live streams, how important is it for you that nights like Soul In Motion make a return? It’s great to see that you had 2 events already planned for May and June this year.

I didn’t do any live streams the entire time, it wasn’t for me, I didn’t feel like doing any mixs either. I was lucky to go to New Zealand over New Years and tour so that broke up the time and kept me dj’ing. I enjoyed the down time with my wife & son and it gave me time to appreciate life outside of dnb. Coming back into Soul In Motion events after all this down time has been overwhelming with two sold out shows and 4 more in the works it will be interesting how the rest of 2021 plays out in the UK. Im grateful for the continued support from our fans and regulars plus the love and devotion from Bailey & Michelle who have been pivotal in keeping sim going. 


5) You released “Flames” last November, what is next on your horizons  for 2021?

Next up I have my “diplo” ep on v followed by some music on cnvx, Philly blunt, commercial suicide, souped up and my labels, zoltar and sim.  


6) Together with Bailey, you have created something very special and long lasting with your Soul In Motion label, agency and club nights. Can you talk a little about how you met Bailey and what led to you two creating Soul In Motion?

I have known Bailey since the late 90s and used to bring him to New Zealand for tours. We wanted to fill the void in London mid week club culture that was present at the time, and from there it grew into a label and agency to reflect the acts we book and believe in and the music which soundtracks the night. Bailey is the best all round resident I could ever wish for in a dnb night he’s capable of playing any time of the night and alongside any act which has been the backbone of the club night.


Need For Mirrors – Ultra Violin EP is out now digitally

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