We offer two types of SUNANDBASS tickets:

Full Week Pass

The Full Week Pass is your entry ticket to all events hosted during the week of SUNANDBASS. Not all events require a ticket, but you’ll have guaranteed access to every night and restricted day events such as Bal Harbour with your wristband. Our Full Week Pass can only be purchased online in the official sale via TheTICKETFairy

Single Night Ticket

Our Single Night Ticket will also be available online in the official sale. However, we usually sell a limited number of tickets at the door on any respective night, considering capacity and weather conditions. So come early to make sure you get in!

We are deeply grateful we can create SUNANDBASS as an independent drumandbass holiday, thanks to our committed and passionate and beautiful ticket holders. Isn’t this a wonderous and rare accomplishment? Yes. And we will celebrate this in style during our paradise week in Sardinia!