SUNANDBASS is a weeklong drumandbass holiday in different Venues in San Teodoro (OT), Sardinia.
SUNANDBASS 2022 10th – 17th of September
Italian governmental regulations apply. Please check before entering Italy. The pandemic is not over, so please be mindful of yourself and others. Consider wearing masks indoors, and please take a test (they are free of charge in Italy) if you feel unwell.

Only persons 18 or older may attend the club nights of SUNANDBASS.
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Usually, dates are confirmed on New Year’s eve, the Ticket Sale starts at the end of May and the event schedule is announced in August.

The ticket sale starts on the 1st of JUNE 2022, at 10 pm CEST at TheTICKETFairy.


If you have any questions, please reach out to tickets@sunandbass.net.

For any problems regarding the online purchase, resale, refund and payments of tickets, please contact THETICKETFAIRY: support@theticketfairy.com. 

Collect your wristband at Hotel Al Faro on the 9th and 10th of September 2022 between 4 pm and 7 pm. Please pick up your festival wristband directly at the club arriving after 7 pm on Saturday, 10th of September 2022. Waiting times may occur, especially at the club.
There will be an online ticket batch resale on the 30th of July at 10 pm CEST. Single Night Tickets will be sold at the door of the respective night, based on capacity and weather conditions.
You can find our terms and conditions here
The island of Sardinia can be reached from most major cities within Europe by aircraft. Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB) airport is the nearest (30km) to San Teodoro. Travelling by train or car, pre-book a ferry ride close to Olbia.

There are basically three types of accommodation available in San Teodoro: Apartment/Villa, Hotel or Camping.
The full lineup will be announced closer to the event, around mid to end of August, running order at the event. Our booking is a closed process.
We are always there for you on-site. You can come to the Venues and ask any crew member to help you and we’ll help you sort everything out.
We’re creating SUNANDBASS independently and purely out of passion, we’re all in it whole-heartedly and full-time. If you’re interested in experiencing this, get in touch by simply emailing us at info@sunandbass.com.
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