Where is the festival?

SUNANDBASS takes place at San Teodoro (OT) Sardinia.

When will the dates for the next SUNANDBASS edition be announced?

We always announce dates around new year.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale around May. Our Apartment Package becomes available in April.
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What can I do if didn’t manage to buy a ticket online?

There will be a batch of online tickets made for resale at the end of July (first come, first serve). A limited amount of Single Night Tickets will be sold at the door on respective nights of the festival. This is based on capacity and weather conditions.

Please bear in mind that even without a ticket you can still join our freely accessible day events like La Cinta Beach Party which is made possible by our loyal Full Week Pass holders.

What about Opening Times?

SUNANDBASS runs for eight nights and seven days. To offer some respite there will be a break in music between night and day events. Day events usually being around 3PM. Night events open at 11:30PM and run until around 5AM. The last night is Saturday to Sunday.

What is the minimum age to attend SUNANDBASS?

Persons 18 or older may attend the club nights of SUNANDBASS. Minors will not be granted access to the event even in the presence of an adult guardian or with written consent from legal guardian(s).

Does SUNANDBASS offer package deals including flight and accommodation?

We don’t offer flight packages for now, however we are teaming up with a selected group of local agencies for special accommodation deals. A SUNANDBASS Apartment Package will include a Full Week Pass plus accommodation in San Teodoro of your choice if you book with one of our partners.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions here.

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What kind of tickets are there?

The Full Week Pass which you must buy online in advance. This pass grants access to all events hosted by SUNANDBASS for the duration of the festival.

A limited amount of Single Night Passes will be available online. These will guarantee you entry to your chosen club night only. Upon availability these tickets will be available at the door however entry depends on what the capacity of the specific night is.

The limited Apartment Package allows you to to purchase a Full Week Pass, even before the official ticket sale starts, if you book accommodation with one of our local affiliated partners.

What is the Loyalty Ticket Sale and who can participate?

The Loyalty Ticket Sale is a pre-sale of a small batch of Full Week Passes happening prior the Official Ticket Sale. Everyone who has bought a Full Week Pass three times over the past five years through our partner THETICKETFAIRY and attended can participate after they have filled out our application form.

What kind of tickets will be offered in the loyalty ticket sale?

We will only offer Full Week Passes in this special pre-sale. This sale will be on a first come, first serve basis.

How can I apply for it?

Via our form within the application window. You will have to submit your first and last name, years of attendance and email address. Furthermore you need to give us permission to check our buying records to search for your name.

When will the ticket sale happen?

One week before the official ticket pre-sale. If your application is valid you will receive a personal ticket purchase invitation in advance of the sale.

Does this mean if have not been to SUNANDBASS I can’t by a ticket at all?

Absolutely not. We love the fact that there are new faces every year. Therefore the pot of regular tickets is still the biggest and will happen in May.

I have been to SUNANDBASS multiple times and supported SAB for a long time but am not qualified. How can I participate in the loyalty sale?

Unfortunately you can not. We do understand that this might be frustrating. There are a lot of you out there that we feel grateful towards. It’s just impossible to make it right for everyone.

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I’m experiencing difficulties buying tickets. What can I do?

For any problems regarding the online purchase and payments of tickets please contact THETICKETFAIRY support: support[at]theticketfairy.com. You can also register at THETICKETFAIRY and preselect your favourite payment option to make a faster and proven sales process.

How can I pay for my SUNANDBASS ticket?

Tickets are sold online via our partner THETICKETFAIRY. They only accept credit card payments. On location we currently accept cash as well as debit and credit card payments.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

In order to change the name on your ticket you will have to go trough the resell process via THETICKETFAIRY. This is possible up until 8 days prior the event. You will then be reimbursed for the ticket price if the re-personalization is successful. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more info.

For any problems regarding the online purchase and payments of tickets please contactTHETICKETFAIRY support: support[at]theticketfairy.com

Where and how can I pick up my wristband?

Your festival wristband(s) can be collected during check-in hours at the official SUNANDBASS check in desk at Hotel Al Faro on Friday before and on the first Saturday. Please bring along the ticket and valid ID for identification. We will then hand out your festival wristband for the week.

If you are arriving late on Saturday, Sunday and every following weekday please pick up your festival wristband directly from the club Ambra Night. Waiting times may occur, so we suggest you pick up your festival wristband during regular check in hours to enjoy SUNANDBASS.

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How can I travel to Sardinia?

The island of Sardinia can be reached from most major cities within Europe by plane. If you’re traveling by car, we recommend taking one of the many ferries commuting between mainland Europe and Sardinia.

What is the nearest airport to San Teodoro?

Olbia Costa Smeralda is the nearest airport (30 km) to San Teodoro so we recommend you land there if possible. Please see our Travel section for airlines and destinations from mainland Europe. Alghero is the second nearest airport but it’s about 200km away. The ride to San Teodoro can take some time so consider renting a car. The airport in Cagliari is the furthest away but connections are good and it costs between €20-30 to make a road trip across the island.

How can I get to San Teodoro from the airport in Olbia?

Local Bus

The cheapest method of transport is to catch a bus directly from Olbia Airport. There are two companies servicing San Teodoro: ARST which will drop you in the city center, and Deplano, which will drop you just outside of San Teodoro. You can check the bus schedules on the Olbia Airport website and Google Maps. Busses depart from the right side of the parking lot when you exit the airport. You can buy tickets directly from the driver for about €4.

SUNANDBASS airport shuttle provided by San Teodoro Beach Bus

Our travel partner San Teodoro Beach Bus offers an airport shuttle for SUNANDBASSguests. If you book in advanced and mention that you are a SUNANDBASS guest you’ll receive a 50% reduced ticket on your return journey. Comfortably you’ll be dropped at the ARST bus stop in the center of San Teodoro. Click here for more info and to book your seat now.

Airport transfer

If you plan to arrive later a more convenient option would be to book an airport transfer service before you arrive. It’s quite affordable when you travel with a larger group. Contact details on airport shuttle services can be found here.


You can also book a taxi directly from Olbia airport. Prices vary and it can start from around €50.

Car rental

There are also several car rentals at Olbia Airport if you want to rent a car for your stay.

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What kind of accommodation is the best choice for me?

There are three basic types of accommodation available in San Teodoro. Depending on your budget and whether you are traveling on your own we would recommend an apartment/villa, hotel or camping. Please check our accommodation page for further information.

What should I pay attention to when booking accommodation?

Make sure to compare different offers of different agencies to get the best deal. Most importantly check the exact location of your apartment/hotel to make sure it is located within walking distance to all the SUNANDBASS venues. Ask your agency for the detailed address and cross check the location on our map or just drop us an email in case you’re not sure. Please make sure you are aware of hidden costs and ask about any in advance.

We try to put everything into organising SUNANDBASS so we have a wonderful time together. We really don’t want your time spoiled by walks off the beaten track or expensive cab rides.

What does the SUNANDBASS Apartment Package contain and how does it work?

The Apartment Package provides accommodation of your choice that’s booked via one of our local affiliated partners and allows every person lodging there to secure a Full Week Pass, even before the official ticket sale starts. Once you’ve booked your accommodation with one of our partners you will receive an exclusive link to the regular ticketing purchase from the accommodation and booking agency.

Please be aware that only the contract for the ticket purchase is concluded exclusively between SUNANDBASS and you. The accommodation contract is concluded exclusively between the accommodation agency and you.

This offer will become available in April.

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When will the line up of SUNANDBASS be announced?

The full line up will be announced in the second half of August. We know that some of you would like to have the list of confirmed artists much earlier, however we take the time to make it as special as we can. We can guarantee you a diverse mix of international headliners, local heroes, underground talent and promising newcomers. We’ve gathered more than 100 artists to create the perfect SUNANDBASS soundtrack for you.

We are proud to feel that our festival as a whole is what defines our success and take great solace in knowing that the overall shared belief in this event is what allows us to fully fulfill an extraordinary of week of great music.

How is the line up being put together?

In 2014 we have introduced the concept of Curators to SUNANDBASS. Each floor (usually two per-night) calls upon a curation from a well-respected auteur to put forward some suggestion of what artists they want to see on the line up. The result is an eclectic and free display of drum and bass from highly regarded and groundbreaking DJs and MCs. This year’s Curators line up to be announced in August.

When do you release the running order?

Running orders will be released the day before the event takes place. We hope you catch more than what you already know and want to see!

Is it possible to apply for a DJ slot?

Our booking is a closed process. Therefore we do not take outside requests to play at the festival. Please refrain from sending mixes or applications to play at SUNANDBASS. Thanks for understanding.

Will there be any afterhours?

Our daytime program is full and organised so we do not throw any after parties. We want to give our guests the chance to cool down and chill out in the mornings. We would like you to shy away from the idea of after-hour-parties at your accommodation if you are in proximity to fellow holidaying families in San Teodoro.

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What is the weather like in Sardinia in September?

During the day temperatures can rise to around 25-30°C. In the evenings wind can cause a small chill so make sure to bring some warm clothes with you too.

Is it a good idea to attend SUNANDBASS on my own?

Connecting to like-minded people and forming meaningful relationships is an essential part of life. A great percentage of people come on their own each year to meet up again for a holiday reunion of drum and bass-lovers. The SUNANDBASS crowd is open, helpful and friendly, and San Teodoro provides the optimal setting to make new friends. Join our Facebook group to share accommodation and get tips from fellow visitors.

Can I bring my kids to the festival?

Yes, absolutely! SUNANDBASS has grown into a family-friendly festival. Please bear in mind that our soundsystem on the beach is powerful and therefore we strongly recommend to bring special ear protection for your children if you plan to take them to the beach during the day’s programming. We would also like to remind all parents that the front of the stage is not the best place for minors. There’s plenty of room on the beach. It’s safer to stay closer to the dunes where you can still enjoy the music.

How much money will I need for the whole week?

Well once your accommodation is arranged it naturally depends on how much you plan to spend on drinks and food etc. It is possible to do SUNANDBASS on a tight budget at an apartment, villa, hotel or otherwise, although we suggest trying some of the local Italian cuisine and restaurants at least once. Beverages in the clubs are reasonable, so plan and calculate your trip accordingly and you will have and idea of what to expect.

How do I get around in San Teodoro?

All venues in San Teodoro are within walking distance of each other. Just make sure your apartment/hotel is directly in San Teodoro. Please check our Google map or contact us in case you are unsure of where your apartment is located exactly. It’s possible to rent bikes, scooters and cars in San Teodoro as well.

What about photos and drones?

It’s a holiday so you should capture as many memories as possible. If you take pictures please be considerate of others. If you take pictures of people please make sure they are ok with it, especially on the beach and on the dancefloor.

Professional photo or video equipment as well as drones are forbidden at any SUNANDBASS event. We have photographers onsite who will capture all the special moments for you. We would like you to fully enjoy the moment in the present, as it happens, so during the festival we will share the pictures and videos we document on our social media platforms.

Please be aware for the usage of a drone you must have a license, and must not fly in towns or over beaches during bathing season. You could be fined €40,000 by the local authorities if you violate Italian aviation rules for flying drones.

Can I bring my sound system to SUNANDBASS?

Please don’t. There’s plenty of music on site. There is no need to bring your own PA to San Teodoro. San Teodoro is a small, quiet town that welcomes us warmly every year. We would like to ask you to respect our neighbours so everyone can enjoy their time at SUNANDBASS equally.


There’s a lot of ways to enjoy music. We believe drugs are not one of them, therefore hard drugs are prohibited at SUNANDBASS. Please stay safe and take responsibility for yourself and others.

Being Green

We all love to dance on the soft sands of La Cinta beach. We think partying together does not only mean having fun together but also taking care of the picturesque setting we choose to celebrate. Please help us to reduce the event’s impact on the site and the environment by taking part in the local recycling system. Do not litter on the beach and collect your cigarette butts in pocket ashtrays! Thank you for leaving the environment as you found it.

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Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

If you need medical help please call the local authorities. All numbers can be found at www.santeodoroturismo.it

Emergency numbers

Ambulance: 118
Fire Department: 115
Police: 112
Local Police Station San Teodoro, Via Bologna: 0784.865722
Coast Guard: 1530

I lost something at the festival what can I do?

Please drop us a mail to info[at]sunandbass.net. If you’ve lost something at the club, please visit the front desk to see if it’s been handed in. And please, if you find something hand it in at the front desk or see a staff member. We will make sure the valuables find their way back to their owner.

Where do I find ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies etc. in San Teodoro?

The town centre of San Teodoro offers nearly all the amenities you will need during your stay. Please check our map for detailed locations. Opening hours in San Teodoro is generally morning until noon and late afternoon till evening (siesta!). Typical items you may need for a holiday at the beach, like sunscreen, are generally more expensive in locals stores so remember to bring your own. San Teodoro has a delightful night market with home-made souvenirs to spend your money on instead.

What about tap water and ice cubes in drinks?

We do not recommend to drink water from the tap as it contains chloride. But it is of course safe to shower and brush your teeth. Ice cubes in the clubs are generally made with bottled water.

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How can I volunteer at SUNANDBASS?

Since SUNANDBASS is free of fences we don’t need as many volunteers as other festivals. We don’t offer a ticket in exchange for shift-work. We are however looking for fully committed and reliable staff for our production team (six full days of work). Ideally you’d be a fan of drum and bass with an appreciation of other genres and what it means to produce live events. You must be a capable English and Italian speaker, with a basic understanding of German desired.

If you’re interested in gaining some experience with us get in touch by emailing your CV and a cover letter to info[at]sunandbass.com

Can I sell my handmade stuff, teach yoga or bring my food truck to SUNANDBASS?

Please understand we want to stay true to our beliefs of a social and ethical economy and have a respectful relationship with the Sardinian community. SUNANDBASS is heavily immersed in bringing a touristic infrastructure to San Teodoro, therefore we wouldn’t promote services that are already being offered in the area.

Is it possible to apply for a DJ slot?

Our booking is a closed process. Therefore we do not take outside requests to play at the festival. Please refrain from sending mixes or applications to play at SUNANDBASS. Thanks for understanding.

How can I participate further at SUNANDBASS?

You can just drop us an email at info[at]sunandbass.net to tell us about your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

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