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SUNANDBASS is the original drumandbass holiday. Since 2003 SUNANDBASS has attracted drumandbass lovers from all over the world for a whole week of music holidays. Our events are staged in different locations throughout the Sardinian village of San Teodoro and set to the backdrop of Italian soul-food, crystal clear Sardinian waters and white sand beaches. As a festival run by music lovers SUNANDBASS aims to bring a vibrant and diverse array of international talent to the line-up each year. You can expect to hear the scene’s biggest DJs line up alongside the genres freshest, groundbreaking talent. Immersed in the Italian dolce vita for a week while listening to cutting edge performances of music and fresh productions together, SUNANDBASS has contributed significantly to the vibrancy of the scene and made Sardinia the most popular cultural destination in the world of drumandbass. This music is a perfect fit, because it is so versatile. In it’s allowing structure it holds so many possibilities to bridge energies and feelings between creators, performers and the audience and it is meant to evolve. Remaining open to its full range of delicacy and roughness, beauty and ugliness, wild energy and calmness, always ready to transform our music into a more beautiful and yet truer reflection of ourselves as a community.

The last SUNANDBASS was organised in 2019, as the COVID-19 crisis put a sudden hold on it’s sizzling success story.