Past Editions

Now in it’s 15th year, we can really start to retrace the stepping stones that have lead us to organise one of the most unique and intimate Drum & Bass festivals out there. Each year we make new friends, feel new emotions, and learn new things to the point where we always know that no SUNANDBASS will be alike. Some stories will stay only with us, whilst others we can share …

2003 – The beginning

It started with two of us meeting in Milan during a study semester abroad, and ending up with summer jobs in Sardinia. We loved the place so much, we wanted to stay and combine it with our love for drum and bass. This is the year the festival began – as a small beach party with friends.

2004 – Going big!

It was 2004 when the first full edition of SUNANDBASS took place in San Teodoro. And boy, this time we did it properly! With a fantastic line up, news of the festival spread by word-of-mouth & the number of attendees went through the roof!

2005 – “When I say SUN you say BASS! SUN AND BASS!“

The second official edition of SUNANDBASS was so special that we got top DJ/producer John B to perform as an MC! After several Pinot Grigios John B grabbed the Mic and dropped some fun lyrics for the crowd. Definitely one of the highlights of the year!

2006 – A living legend

Now almost a living legend SUNANDBASS returns to beautiful Sardinia on the 2nd of September 2006. For the third time this exceptional one-week festival takes place in one of the most exclusive holiday spots in Europe while gathering an increasing amount interest from the dnb heads…

2007 – SUNANDBASS 4 …ever!

SUNANDBASS comes back to San Teodoro in full swing. The team gets bigger and the feeling is still as if it was the first day. The word of mouth effect is now unstoppable and many remain wanting for more …

2008 – Stop the rumours, it’s official!

Once again we hit the island with a mind blowing lineup including Makoto from Japan and Paradox Live. The beach parties are accompanied by live sessions at the new pool club Bal Harbour.

2009 – The fever is rising

SUNANDBASS enters its 6th year since everything started back in 2004 and we can proudly look back at the past five editions with memories of fun moments and overwhelming pathos. Skream performs an unforgettable set for Autonomic.

2010 – 156 days to go …

As summer sneaks in with the first rays of sunshine the eagerness is getting unbearable. Dreaming of Sardinia with a great new line up with the man himself: Goldie.

2011 – Intense but never long enough

The team is at its largest and we all end up knowing the ravers by name. At times we even remember their favourite tracks or the name of their evening drink. With the addition of DJ Marky, Bal Harbour feels like the Carnival de Bahia for an entire afternoon.

2012 – SUNANDBASS here we come

The dates are set and as usual the rest will spontaneously come as we fight these wintry and rainy days.

2013 – Ten years of SUNANDBASS

As we celebrate ten years of the festival, the lineup is stronger than ever. With the likes of 10 years of Exit, and the Metalheadz old school and new school night, the drinks and the vibes are flowing.

2014 – SUNANDBASS curated by …

With the introduction of the curator nights the artists have a chance to really show what they are made of. With curators like Storm, Marky, DBridge, Marcus Intalex, Bailey & S.P.Y how can you go wrong …?

2015 –  Ripping it up

2015 wasn’t without a few hiccups but everyone still embraced the spirit of the festival and enjoyed the incredible music on offer! The amazing set by Jenna G at Ambra Day was one to remember!

2016 – Wow, that was quick!

After selling out tickets to SUNANDBASS in record time we’re still reeling from unforgettable sets from the likes of Dillinja, DJ Lee, and Tony Colman at Ambra Day, to Slum Village live at La Cinta. Old and new musical influences abound! We also introduced the panel discussion sessions at Bal Harbour with All Crews and Colin Stevens, just to name two.

2017 – La Cinta, La Cinta, La Cinta

In 2017 we came back to where we belong: La Cinta. That massive stage and beautiful beach to dance on every day. The Wednesday will forever be remembered as one of the most emotional day in SUNANDBASS history as we dedicated it to our beloved friend Marcus Intalex. This day showed us again that SUNANDBASS is more than a festival, we are family.

We are looking forward to seeing what the future brings!