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10-17. September 2022

It brings us enormous joy to write these words. We will celebrate our 17th edition of SUNANDBASS from the 10th to the 17th of September 2022.

We have a lot to talk about when we see each other! And we can listen to an incredible amount of favourite and fresh tunes in our handcrafted setups!

2022 will also come with its challenges, but we remain hopeful that we can figure out how to comply and still come together, staying true to our intense and immersive spirit.

If you are a frequent visitor, please check out our requirements to access the Loyalty Pool here.

We can’t wait to see you!



Tickets for SUNANDBASS 2022 will go on sale on the 1st of June 2022.
Find more information on the Ticket Presale here.



Show three out of four of the following – the 2020 subscription and 2019, 2018 and 2017 editions attending – you’ll be eligible for the Loyalty Resale, a dedicated pool of tickets that go out shortly before the General Release. So now, please go to our loyalty application subpage to learn more about this offer.

Register here for the Loyalty Presale by the 29th of May 2022 at 11:59 CET.


About Us

SUNANDBASS is the original drumandbass holiday. Since 2003, SUNANDBASS has attracted drumandbass lovers from worldwide for a whole week of music holidays. Our events are staged in different locations throughout the Sardinian village of San Teodoro and set to the backdrop of Italian soul food, crystal clear Sardinian waters and white sand beaches. As a festival run by music lovers, SUNANDBASS aims to bring a vibrant and diverse array of international talent to the line-up each year.

You can expect to hear the scene’s most prominent DJs line up alongside the genre’s freshest, groundbreaking talent. Immersed in the Italian dolce vita for a week while listening to cutting edge performances of music and new productions together, SUNANDBASS has contributed significantly to the scene’s vibrancy and made Sardinia the most popular cultural destination in the world of drumandbass.

This music is a perfect fit because it is so versatile. Within its structure, drumandbass holds so many possibilities to bridge energies and feelings between creators, performers and the audience, and it evolves. Remaining open to its full range of delicacy and roughness, beauty and ugliness, wild energy and calmness, always ready to transform our music into a more beautiful and yet more genuine reflection of ourselves as a community.

Our last SUNANDBASS was in 2019, and then the COVID-19 crisis put a sudden hold on its sizzling success story. So we’re rebuilding our beloved holiday in 2022.


Podcast & Label

We are working hard in the background on our monthly podcast and label: SUNANDBASS Recordings.

The label and podcast provide a platform for emerging and established artists to share tracks that showcase their relationship with our festival. Our podcast will give you a fresh mix from our dearest artists on the first week of every month. For now, this is our way of gathering and reconnecting with our community of drumandbass lovers. The label, however, is more behind-the-scenes work, and we aim to release new music a few times a year. The label’s ethos is to promote music with a personal touch to represent the spirit of the SUNANDBASS.

Set up in 2011, we have released compilation albums, EPs, singles, albums, and many more records and merch to go along with it with some of the biggest names in drumandbass.


Diversity & Environment

Right from the start, we strived for an environmentally friendly event, and with each edition, we aim to reduce our footprint. To date, we have been working towards eliminating single-use plastics and ensuring we leave San Teodoro as we found it- rubbish free! 

We created SUNANDBASS to be a safe space for everyone by promoting diversity, equality and simply well-being. We are proud to announce the artists of EQ50, which aims to improve gender equality and diversity in the drumandbass community. Working toward a more inclusive event and protecting the environment has always been, and still is, an arduous journey. But swimming against the stream was never meant to be easy, and every little win counts. Alas, we’re unmanageably committed to fighting for this vision!