Philth steps up for SUNANDBASS Podcast #82, and this one’s personal. A long time fan and attendee of the festival, it always means a lot to him to play there, a place he often calls his ‘happy place’. In this mix he’s really showcased what SUNANDBASS, San Teodoro, and Sardinia means to him, something that is also so important to us.

In customary Philth style, he’s put together an epic mix chock full of both fresh and classics, so get stuck in – but before you do, here’s a few words from the man himself to explain the context of it all:

When I was asked to record the latest SUNANDBASS podcast I didn’t want to just gather up some promos and smash out a mix, I wanted to think about the festival and what it means to me and choose tracks that reflect what it feels like to spend a week in San Teodoro digging out some of my all time favourite tunes as well as exciting new music. As I collected up my music I thought about the main locations at SUNANDBASS and how they all have their own particular vibe, then I selected a folder of music for the Beach, the Ambra Night ‘Garden’ and ‘Gazebo’ stages, just like I would do for the festival. The mix progresses on this journey, starting with mellow warm Beach vibes; picking up the energy and the euphoric feeling dancing under the stars in the Garden; and finishing up with the dark rinseout tunes to get sweaty to in the Gazebo. The final track is the sunrise at La Cinta beach before battling up the hill to get home…

SUNANDBASS is a place where the crowd are always receptive to deeper flavours of DnB so that definitely had an influence on my selection, along with a healthy sprinkle of classics, music that reminds me of good times at the festival both on the decks and dancefloor. There are plenty of my own productions but I didn’t want it to just be a dubplate mix – there is too much good music going on across the scene to only play my tracks.

The mix features forthcoming Philth and Phil:osophy tracks coming on Dispatch, Flexout, Integral and Peer Pressure in 2019 so listen carefully no tracklist no ID’s!