New month, new podcast. SUNANDBASS Podcast #71 comes from Neptune.

Known for releases on labels such as Astrophonica, Droppin’ Science, Inperspective, Bassbin and Hospital to name a few, Neptune’s music combines funky rhythms and emotive strings with traditional sampling techniques and technological basslines.

Neptune is one half of the dynamic duo Fracture & Neptune, who set up Astrophonica in the early 2000s to showcase their visions of what the music was and what they thought it could become. It is now home to daring artists who share that same flair for rhythm and space, enjoy risk-taking and a have thirst for the new.

Last summer, Neptune played his maiden set at SUNANDBASS and tore down the dancefloor with his neurofunk sounds of the late ‘90s. This mix continues in that vein, showcasing some of the deeper aspects of said genre while dropping a few bangers from the time too, of course. Much like fine wine, these vintage records need to breathe; the mixes are long and the tunes are given space to do justice to the time that Drum and Bass was arguably at its peak. So please enjoy!