#69 Big T ft. LaMeduza

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SUNANDBASS Podcast #69  finds long time crew member, photographer, videographer, record collector, DJ and all round top gentleman, Big T on the 1s and 2s.

Recorded live from his home in Geneva, Switzerland, he’s joined by his Swiss colleague, the emotive vocalist LaMeduza.

Right from the top of the mix, it’s plain to see that Big T knows the music inside out, digging straight into some of the music’s bonfide classics. Easing his way between tempos, styles, flavours and old and new throughout the mix, the amount of love and time he spends devoted to the craft is obvious.

LaMeduza is no stranger to the music either, having a raft of releases to her name on some of the scenes best loved labels such as Demand, Hospital, Liquid V amongst countless others.

Their mix is a blend of all styles fantastic, taking you deep into a journey in Drum & Bass – enjoy!