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September’s 2017 SUNANDBASS Podcast comes from a scene stalwart. He’s a producer, DJ and promoter who has put in some serious miles to help shape the musical Drum & Bass scene into what it is today – this is Ben Soundscape.

Initially making his names as part of Bristol based duo ‘The Insiders’ in the early 2000s, Ben and production partner Joe signed tracks with almost every single heavy hitting label in the scene to great fanfare.

Alongside producing tracks, he runs his label ‘Intrigue Music’ that he set up in 2009 – an imprint that has become known for showcasing some of the biggest names in the scene, alongside numerous fresh up and coming talents. The label is run alongside and named after his infamous night ‘Intrigue’ in Bristol, one of the UK’s best-known and respected events.

With all this hard work put in for many years, we’re very happy to welcome Ben Soundscape to the SUNANDBASS Podcast – check it out!