Blocks & Escher have become names synonymous with quality, depth, musicianship – but perhaps most importantly, art. Possibly a dying attribute in dance music today, yet one that could be argued is more important than ever, whether stepping into the studio individually, or as a duo, Blocks & Escher have become known as artists who truly craft their own sound and path within the confines and frameworks of both music, and Drum & Bass.

With a string of releases on quality labels, it was truly after the formation of their own Narratives label, that Drum & Bass was forced to take stock of what the duo were doing and finally get the props they had so long deserved. With an album now wrapped up and ready to drop on Metalheadz, everybody will soon be singing their praises and lifting their stock worldwide.

We’re extremely privileged they have recorded the new Podcast for us – it’s time to drop in deep with Blocks & Escher.