Podcast #57 comes from one of the founders of SUNANDBASS, DJ Delicat. It was in 2003 that he and the other founders made their first forays into San Teodoro for what has now become, as we fast-forward into 2017, one of the most well-known and respected Drum & Bass festivals in the world.

His love for Drum & Bass was forged in the mid 90’s thanks to being passed tape packs from his English school exchange, none other than Utah Jazz. This burgeoning passion was soon cemented in infamous venues around South Germany, such as the legendary underground club Vibration in Forst, and the huge rave Mecca, MS Connexion in Mannheim.

In 2017 his hunger for the music is as great as ever. He continues to enjoy the full spectrum of Drum & Bass, always seeking out new and diverse sounds with a completely open ear to whatever style or sub genre it may be. As he currently crosses Australia and New Zealand for the SUNANDBASS Tour, this mix gives a snapshot into the music he’s currently enjoying and playing, and illustrates the SUNANDBASS ethos and vibe perfectly in a one hour mix – check it, DJ Delicat on the ones and twos!