SUNANDBASS Podcast #54 brings you the last rays of summer – and some of the best old skool hardcore, drum and bass and classic tunes woven alongside a selection of the hottest up front riddims – it could only come from the NME Click!

One of the oldest crews from Germany, members Vali, Önder, Heiko Solid Frame and frontman MC Marvellous have been part of the very fabric of the German rave scene since the early 90’s – DJing, MCing, producing, promoting, and doing everything else possible to help push and make the music they love prosper.

They’ve performed all over Europe, have released on several well-respected labels such as DSCI4 and Basswerk and continue to cause trouble and excitement (you can decide which!) wherever they go!

In this Podcast they show their depth of knowledge, history and future in spades – with the first half digging deep into the crates to take us back to the old skool – and seamlessly weaving future classics together for the second half of the mix – check out the NME Click!