#50 Marky

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The sun is shining (occasionally) and the countdown to SUNANDBASS 2016 is now well and truly underway. Podcast #50 is also upon us, and so it seemed like a good moment to bring in yet another ray of sunshine to all our lives – and what better ray, than a Brasilian ray of sunshine in the form of the legend that is DJ Marky!

Since his introduction to the international world of Drum & Bass in the early 2000’s in the shape of his ‘The Brazilian Job’ mix CD and his contributions on ‘The Brasil EP’, DJ Marky has become one of the top DJs in Drum & Bass and has spread his infectious love for music and party vibe worldwide.

SUNANDBASS Podcast #50 shines a light on his tremendous skills on the decks – check it out now and get in the mood for SUNANDBASS 2016!

1- Calibre – Roga Funk
2- Bachelors Of Science Feat. Collette Warren – Down The Line (Random Movement Remix)
3- DJ Marky – Ready 2 Go
4- Pola & Bryson – The Things I Do (Ownglow Remix)
5- SpectraSoul & dBridge – Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix)
6- Decon & Paul SG – The Jam
7- DJ Marky – Silly V.I.P.
8- Marcus Intalex – Poledance
9- Spirit – From Creation
10- Big Bud – Emotionography (Satl Remix)
11- Potential Bad Boy – Revolution (Tyke Remix)
12- Konichi – Together
13- TC Feat. Metrik – The Light
14- Digital, Spirit & NFM – Infinity
15- Alibi – Hornet V.I.P.
16- Fierce & Vicious Circle – Section
17- The Invaderz – Pavements
18- DJ Marky – Electrified
19- Total Science – Respect Due
20- DJ Marky & Tyke Feat. Cat Knight – Untitled
21- Serum & Voltage – Save This World
22- Marcus Intalex – The Guilotine
23- Calibre & DJ Marky – The Amen Track