SUNANDBASS Podcast #48 comes from ‘All Crews’. Here’s what they had to say about the mix:

The ethos behind All Crews is to celebrate everyone’s talents. The crew’s members include: JB Raw of London From The Rooftops, DJ Chef of Kool FM, DJ Staunch from Rude FM and All Crew’s author Brian Belle-Fortune. Our sun-kissed logo was designed by Nadine Minagawa and The Voice himself Mr singing Fats accompanies us on this journey through SUNANDBASS, the special festival where we all bonded. And each Crew member plays a different SUNANDBASS venue. JB Raw ushers in warm liquid La Cinta’s beach vibes. Chef entertains Bal Harbour’s bikini & bass, pool and palm trees. Staunch militantly marches us straight into Ripping’s Darkroom. And Brian ‘No Prisnors’ Belle-Fortune devastates Ambra Night.

Although we all live in London, all the mixes were recorded separately by each DJ, without knowing which tracks the others were playing. So it says much that no one selected the same tune. It’s down to the talents of DJ Chef, engineering the mix, ensuring all the levels were correct, arranging Fats’ words punctuating the music in exactly the right places.

This is All Crew’s Bad Company collective. As DJ Staunch explains, “Expect to hear the mix and with each chapter think, ‘Actually it’s all about this style, that’s what makes this culture so special. Each soul has their own take on it and we get to tell the same story a million different ways. I know when I hear you lot spin I’m like fuck me.’ ”

It’s an honour to be called upon to play this SUNANDBASS podcast. And it’s a delight to contribute to the SUNANDBASS Family. See you in September. And remember, All Crew Muss Big Up!

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