#38 FD & ArpXP

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SUNANDBASS Podcast #38 – FD & ArpXP

Welcome to a special edition of the SUNANDBASS Podcast!

As of September, SUNANDBASS will be bringing it’s own label to the table once again. With some of the artists closely affiliated to the festival making some great music, SUNANDBASS wanted to release it to the community and share their sound to further represent what the festival stands for.

FD and ArpXP are these artists, and their first EP for SUNANDBASS will be released in early September to coincide with this year’s edition of the festival.

Featuring two tracks from each artist, the EP covers a range of moods and feelings, and each forthcoming release will do the same. Just as with the festival, the releases will not be restricted in style and will showcase the amazing width drum and bass has to offer.

ArpXP and FD have kindly put together this months Podcast to gives us a great insight into what they stand for musically. Flowing smoothly between a wide range of flavours, they have a trained ear for digging out both the freshest new music and the essential classics, and seamlessly weave them together here.

Keep an eye out for the release, coming soon on SUNANDBASS!