2020 is the year we all experience the power of the invisible while an airborne and deadly virus exposed our connections in all their complexity, their strength and weaknesses.
Nobody can know at this point what 2021 brings, if we’re again allowed to sing and dance and travel, if we will have the frameworks and the financial strength to rise up again, once we finally can.

But here we go to tell you, we will not give up. Until there’s a spark, we’ll not stop working on a SUNANDBASS week in Sardinia, where we meet again safely, to have heavenly voices and badass basslines call us together and we’ll be celebrating the end of this hiatus.

For now, we cannot set a date for 2021. Until we’re sure there’s no risk to spread coronavirus, we’ll not be organizing events for all the invisible souls we are saving. We can never know who’s live was saved because we stayed at home. And, though unknown, we should be proud of our contribution. It means there are grandchildren that will meet their grandparents they might never have met, mothers and fathers that are attending their kids graduations and weddings they would have missed, and all the children that would simply never have been born. Due to our contribution research, books and other work will be completed, holidays will be taken, travels will be done, and concerts will be heard and inside night clubs there will be a lot more people shedding tears of joy.

Let’s remind us, it’s Christmas, it’s the time miracles happen because we’re all more loving, generous and kind and so much more because we’re connecting and readily receiving this much needed love and care. Please continue reaching out and sharing victories and struggles with one another. Consider mentoring your fellow colleagues if you are on a path of success and are doing something that works during the restrictions. We ourselves appreciate all the help we can possibly get, explicitly, we’d love to receive your pieces of wisdom or downfalls and we may be able to learn together as a community, united in the joy of companionship. And maybe after all this, as a community we’ll have learned a lot and we’ll be more prepared and resilient. We’ll be acting with more strength, trust, hope and love, then we ever thought was even possible.

We keep looking forward to the week in Sardinia we can all get together again enjoying our epic DJs and MCs while wobbling and singing along, possibly with a drink in our hands. Until then just know, we are deeply grateful for your continued interest in what we do during this strange and unpredictable time. Your support is invaluable for us and we’re thinking of you during this difficult time and sending you all the extra strength, love and peace in the world.

Merry Christmas!