This month’s podcast is one that’s very close to our hearts; from our very own family member Tom Moxham aka ‘quince’. Tom has been a vital player to the SUNANDBASS core team for many years, maybe you’ve met or chatted with him along the way, or maybe you enjoyed listening to the podcasts that he curated during his time with us?


Although Tom has moved on to new adventures, he will always be one of the SUNANDBASS family, and after all of his years curating the podcast, we are now honoured to have him come back for his own mix this month, and what a mix it is!


“Having curated the podcast for the last 2 years and worked for SUNANDBASS for the last 6 years, doing a guest mix for the podcast is something I have wanted to do for some time, and it felt lovely to be asked. Having been lucky enough to play the Beach Stage and Ambra Night Gazebo the last two festivals, this mix really is exactly the sort of set I’d have planned for those if this year was happening. It’s a showcase of as much of the new music I’ve loved since we last were all together, and what I completely envisaged hearing throughout the festival, but with one track that will forever be the track I’ve loved hearing most at SUNANDBASS. Maybe some of you will know it and feel the same. Colossal love to all of you and I hope I’ve captured just some of the essence of what might have been emitting from San Teodoro next month.”