Tickets 2017

After the quickest sell-out of full week tickets in the history of SUNANDBASS, here are the options you have left to still join our great event.
  • There will be a ticket Re-Sale on 31 July 2017 for people on the waiting list. Sign up here!
  • A limited amount of single nights will be sold at the door of the respective night. This is based on capacity and weather conditions.

For ticket owners:
  • Congratulations for buying your ticket(s) to SUNANDBASS and helping to organise the best Drum&Bass festival in the world! Thank you for trust and ongoing support.
  • If you bought a single night ticket and wonder when the full program will be released, this is much closer to the event. As every year we only publish the final line up in August.
  • Both full week and single night tickets can be re-sold via TheTicketFairy either through making them available for to the waiting list pool or re-selling them one-to-one.

Full week tickets

The full week wristband is your entry ticket to all events hosted during the week of SUNANDBASS. Not all events (especially during the day) require a ticket but with your wristband you have guaranteed access to every night and restricted day events such as Bal Harbour. But much more so you are making the event happen year after year! Without our SUNANDBASS wristband family we wouldn’t be in a position to maintain the quality and act as independently without major 3rd party sponsorships or other dependencies. Anyone who has been at our festival is inspired by the “no fences”, “no VIP area“ approach and that we keep the event at a size that is enjoyable and exclusive for everyone making the trip to beautiful Sardinia. Thanks to the loyalty and trust of our full week ticket holders we are in the honorable position to keep living our dream of organising an event for music lovers from all around the world.

Apartment Package
If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to secure both your all events wristband and an accommodation in San Teodoro, get in touch with one of our partners now! The package deal is a new field for us and we appreciate any comments and feedback in order to make this process as smooth as possible. The apartment package sale has now ended.

Single Night tickets
A lot of you have been asking for this since years… In 2017 we are for the first time selling a very limited amount of single night tickets for the SUNANDBASS week. The full line up and program only unfolds closer to the event but we’re trying to give people a chance to secure entrance for the nights they can attend. The tickets will go on Sale at the same time as the full week passes (22 May). They are personalised but can be resold through The Ticket Fairy.