Label Nights

Upcoming events:

May 19 – London [Event info]
June 10 – Bratislava [Event info]

Fri 23rd June – Prague

Fri 21st July – Vienna


The SUNANDBASS Recordings nights are a showcase for what the label stands for musically. They are a chance to take artists that represent the unique SUNANDBASS sound to some of the most vibrant cities in Europe and around the world.


From our SUNANDBASS BBQ in Dubai with Delicat & Asides, to the more intimate parties in Leipzig and ULM with the likes of FD, Marcus Intalex & ArpXP, the reception has been overwhelming with faces old and new revelling in the atmosphere.


We have also had the chance to take SUNANDBASS to the sunny shores of Australia and New Zealand for a selection of incredible day parties and club events. With a quick pit stop in California to attend Stamina Sundays in San Francisco, and Respect in LA we are grateful to be able to share the music we love with the community all over the world.


If you’re interested in hosting a SUNANDBASS night, please drop us an email at:


Past Events

Aug 1st ’15 – Saarbrucken

Bon Voyage 1 aug web-1


Sept 26th ’15 – Break Thru, Birmingham



Nov 6th ’15 – Lightbox London



Jan 8th ’16 – Vienna



Jan 23rd ’16 – Orvieto



Mar 27th, ’16 – Munich



Apr ’16 – Overflow, Leeds


Apr 15th ’16 – Lightbox London



July 1st ’16 – Lightbox London



July 22nd ’16 – Ulm


Sept 16th 16 – Leipzig



Dec 17th 16 – Gloucester



Apr 28th ’17 – Bristol