The holiday was thought of as a break for friends and a chance to meet like-minded people. What makes SUNANDBASS so unique? It’s the unforgettable moments where everything comes together in the right place at the right time. Every year has a defining moment that keeps people talking till the next SUNANDBASS comes around. In 2014, it was at la Cinta Beach during the Metalheadz Blue Note set under the red moon, or in 2015 the breath-taking live performance by Jenna G and her band at Ambra Day. Still the most memorable moments are strictly personal. Here you can read what others felt, but also fee free to share your moment here.

“Check the scene. Blue sky. Dramatic seascape. Palm trees waft lazily in the Mediterranean breeze as Flight, Storm and Bailey spin for revellers encrusted around a sculpted, crystal clear pool. The place resembles shots from a Snoop Dog video. So why am I so annoyed? Because I didn’t listen when people said, “Reach Sun & Bass – It’s Drum & Bass Heaven!
Brian-Belle Fortune – Drum and Bass Writer

“The Sun & Bass festival offers stunning beaches and AMAZING music. But moreover, there is a family vibe amongst the punters, crew and artists in which all are equal and all are loved – enjoying the peace, warmth and feeling of being at home. I could write about wonderful times with amazing people. I could tell stories of friendship and of love. But some moments can not be captured by cameras or relived in story. Some experiences just are. Forever. And SUNANDBASS is forever my home.”

“Metalheadz night in Ripping, 2012. Some people say they much prefer all the parties when they’re at Ambra, but this night was absolutely off the hook. Everyone smashed it, I think it was the night when Goldie had to be held back by Randall, GQ, everyone – just so he wouldn’t rewind every tune! I often tend to start at the back head nodding (yeah, one of those guys), but I was right in the thick of it near the front losing my shit for the whole night. I have a clear memory of when Storm, using vinyl, mixed Calibre’s ‘Put That Woman First’ remix into ‘Deadline by Digital. A weird choice maybe, but it was totally in key and sounded incredible. I’m pretty sure I lost my voice soon after that.”